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: PBS- Switzerland Symphony and Chorus
: DanTheBassman May 06, 2019, 09:53:06 AM
I am 72 and have followed, admired and mimicked the groups music for 40 years. I happened to see them on the local PBS station Live in Switzerland.
I have always thought that great rock groups using an orchestra and a chorus would be the ultimate in music! IT IS!!!!
Mick, you look older, as we all must do, but you are wiser and  have NOT lost a chord! The concert was as tight as a harp string! Magnificient sounds, tremendous vocals, rock solid musicians....Just a pure pleasure to watch and listen! I ran right online to order the CD.
I have followed you specific rennasaince from Spooky Tooth( 1 of my early favorites), Mountain, and on......
Keep on, keepin on my brother(s)! You are the best!! Foreigner is the best!!!