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I don't understand why his comment hasn't been removed yet by the admins ... I reported it.
Yeah, just stay patient, Rhonda. Hugzzzz
General Discussion / Re: Set List for April 10, 2015 PPV Concert
« Last post by TomCat on July 03, 2015, 08:52:40 am »
Oh yes, I posted my well wishes for the boys!   :)

The most I ever did was 3 in a row....3 different states in 3 days! It was a blast!!!
General Discussion / Re: Set List for April 10, 2015 PPV Concert
« Last post by southbeachnites on July 02, 2015, 06:35:00 pm »
That's great Tcat! Did you make it to the ladies send off for Summer Tour thread?  I can't believe Gina did five concerts in a row. That's incredible fan dedication besides being a very lucky girl. She definately has had her fill of those WPs! 
Thanks for the heads up Tcat and Babs:

My comment on it:

If it were only that easy to rid vile people from your life. 60% of relationships that end get stalked from their past relationships. Internet makes it so easy to harass and stalk.

This person is looking for attention by fabricating lies and guessing. He stalks photos of the band and puts his own story to pics. He's mentally unstable, and has a drug problem. He will be in jail soon enough for slander, harassment and stalking. I'm trying to be patient.
Dude stop bashing Rhonda & move on!! Good grief!!!
General Discussion / Re: Set List for April 10, 2015 PPV Concert
« Last post by TomCat on July 02, 2015, 08:58:20 am »
Hi Rhonda!! Not on here as much as I used to be, because it was getting to be so negative on here. People bashing one another over opinions. I prefer the FFF Group on FB & the interaction with my friends on there.

You have a point on how a lot of us met right here on this board, we should try to keep the love alive & promote our band to new fans!! I will try & come here more often, don't want spanks either! Well, I guess it depends on who is giving the spanks!!! LOL
General Discussion / Re: Set List for April 10, 2015 PPV Concert
« Last post by timbuc1 on July 02, 2015, 12:51:26 am »
Rhonda you do good enough of that on your own. 
Rhonda never gets enough of her old boyfriend on stage    She likes the shiney pants because she is tagged on a pict of him right on his crotch  wearing them by sue when she was dating him.  She continues to get free tickets for every concert she goes to so of course they are her favorite band.  She says the same thing to brad Lang  from y&t.  The only thing she sweet talked me into giving her $1500 so she could drive to Tahoe little did I know it was so she could stand next to him at all night .  Her sister didn't go because she said she doesn't like cover bands very much! Glad you enjoyed your time Rhonda  gonna get more free tickets for August 30 I'm told
Ask the Band / Saratoga Performing Arts Center Help Needed!🙏🙏
« Last post by Cheeks on July 01, 2015, 05:59:10 am »
Hey guy cant wait to hear the set for thurday nights event. Gonna be an awesome night. Only thingvthat could make it better is if a certain band could dedicate a certain song to a beautiful girl th will be in attendance. Its one of my favs and applies to our situation. Long story short i had this girl and gave her away like a jackass. Thought id never see her again. Well fate was kind enough to reunite us but shes understandably cautious being i hurt her before. Anyways tm is my birthday and im taking her to the show. Great gift to myself but what id really like is if you could dedicate "waiting for a girl like you" to Sabrina itd really complete the day. If you cant i understand just thought id throw it out there. Either way thanks in advanced for the show i know we'll enjoy it.
General Discussion / Inside Information Bonus Tracks?
« Last post by hgwy407 on June 28, 2015, 11:01:06 am »
I realize Wikipedia is hardly a reliable source, however I am curious about the details listed there for Inside Information. They show two bonus tracks added, City Streets (M.Jones/L.Gramm) and North (M.Jones/L.Gramm). Does anyone know anything about this?
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