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General Discussion / Foreigner in Champaign, IL
« Last post by simplesista03 on December 18, 2014, 11:23:46 am »
The Virginia Theater in Champaign, IL is promoting Foreigner  on 3-29-15.  Pre-sale tickets were to go on sale today but the Virginia box office does not have any acknowledgement from Foreigner about this show.  I've been ready to purchase tickets since I heard about this event on 12-15-14.  Also, it was said that a Meet & Greet would "probably" be avaialble but that has to come from the Foreigner camp.

My question: is Foreigner really coming to Champaign and will you have a M&G?  If so, when will this all be tied together so that fans can get their tickets?  Officially tickets go on sale tomorrow 12-19-14 but the pre-sale was to be today.

Thanks for any answers you can provide!   :)

General Discussion / Foreigner 4 & More
« Last post by JimmyC on December 16, 2014, 11:51:23 pm »
Well, the 16th finally arrived and I found my way to one of the bigger, better stocked Best Buys in the area only to find that the new CD cannot be purchased at the store and can only be obtained online. Very disappointing. If this CD were set up with a store display or even simply placed with new releases, it would fly off the shelf as a popular stocking stuffer. Sooooo many more would be sold. Instead, no store exposure and you have to hunt it down online. While the true fans will certainly go to that trouble, the mainstream folks who have long forgotten about Foreigner could have been reeled in again had they been able to see the cover of this disc with that familiar 4 staring them in the face at the big box stores.  Big opportunity lost this close to Christmas. The impulse buys were out there to be had.
General Discussion / Re: Foreigner is a Tribute Band
« Last post by hgwy407 on December 16, 2014, 02:09:08 pm »
Then call it an "official tribute." Should a band be recognized as The Beatles or Led Zeppelin with zero original members simply because Paul McCartney or Jimmy Page want to be "honored?" Give me a break. That would be narcissism on the highest scale. Playing the occasional show, or part of show, doesn't count. If Mick was touring with the band full time, fine, but anything other than that the band shouldn't be called Foreigner. It should be billed as an official tribute.
General Discussion / Re: Foreigner is a Tribute Band
« Last post by SoUrgent on December 16, 2014, 02:05:39 pm »
Luke, I don't think the title of this thread matches the content of your message, but I get what you are saying...

But Amen SU_5757!

General Discussion / Re: Foreigner is a Tribute Band
« Last post by Babs on December 16, 2014, 05:48:42 am »
Amen  - Su_5757
General Discussion / Re: Foreigner is a Tribute Band
« Last post by SU_5757 on December 15, 2014, 02:24:15 pm »
I agree with you Luke and continue to pay tribute to this current incarnation/line-up of talented musicians.  Each member has Mick's stamp of approval or they wouldn't be performing as Foreigner.  Live music is a gift in this increasingly electronified world.  I'd rather appreciate the positive aspects than mope over the past.
General Discussion / Foreigner is a Tribute Band
« Last post by Luke on December 15, 2014, 01:26:27 pm »
Foreigner is a tribute to Mick Jones whom founded the band, wrote or co-wrote all the music, assembled the band members for the last 35 years, who has kept Foreigner alive, relevant and focused all this time, and now with the current lineup The band is better than ever and reaching millions of new and old fans. Plus in addition to all that
he still performs !!!  Thank you Mick !!!!!!
Babs **honey*** from what I heard and think I understand it Lou and Mick are going to record together on their solo projects, I myself don't think Lou would come back to Foreigner as long Kelly is in the band all the ***new*** Foreigners fans have been doctorined and brained washed believing this is the true Foreigner band, and I'm  not bashing Kelly...even Lou has said he's a "strong" singer --- it's just sad how Mick is now beating a dying horse!! From all reports I've been hearing Mick barely plays on any of the new Foreigner shows -- it's sad that they have become nothing more that a glorified cover/tribute band!!! Yess I said it!!!! It's just sad!!
So it looks like "Faux-eigner" will continue? This is an authorized tribute band, nothing more, nothing less.
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