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Great review Rhonda!!! Sounds like a fantastic show as always!

Thanks Sue! Wish you were there with us 🎵 I did a little vid for you though. (I missed your comment earlier). Xo
I do remember that video  Babs... It was really great to see you girls in it too. 😘

I was just wondering if they have recently played a new song at a concert. I already know how spoiled you and the girls in Germany are. Lucky Ladies!!! You going to make it to the states for a Summer tour show?
Such a great review, Rhonda! Glad you finally made it to a show again.
Kelly pinched Vera's camera  - AGAIN? Awesome! Love it when he interacts with the fans.
About 'Too Late' and 'When It Comes To Love' - they played the songs in Germany. And as you might remember there's a video  of 'Too late' on the 'Can't Slow Down'-DVD where you see Rika, Carmen and me cheering at the end  :)
Hope you can make it to some more shows this summer  :-*
General Discussion / Will the band play again in the UK?
« Last post by StephandJohn on June 14, 2015, 12:32:19 pm »
I caught the one night they played in Mancester 10 years ago and have hoped to see them here ever since.
Just listening to their music now - amazing!!!
Ask the Band / Are you ever going to Play again IN the UK
« Last post by StephandJohn on June 14, 2015, 12:15:20 pm »
Just listening to your music. We saw you in Manchester years ago and were blown away by your sound.
Please, please say you'll be back here sometime soon.
Otherwise I've got wait to win the Lottery to get over there to see you and I'm afraid it will be a long wait!
Yes, they did In Pieces and Can't Slow Down to a couple of shows  I went to way back as well. Like you said wish they do a couple of songs at their current tour. I also been wishing that they do That Was Yesterday.  They do this in the East Coast.
You know one thing for sure... I love all the Foreigner Classic rock music. But I love love love all the new. Wish soooo much that they would play a few of their new songs at a show. I did hear "In Pieces" during their tour with Journey years back. Have any of you seen them do "Too Late" or "When it comes to Love"  or any other fantastic Can't Slow Down album tunes?
Yes, we made it home safe. Glad you got to do more fun stuff before you head home. In a nut shell, it was a wonderful weekend!!!
Great review Rhonda!!! Sounds like a fantastic show as always!
Eunice Rocks! Glad we all got a little souvenir to take home. I played my Can't Slow Down CD over and over all the way to Santa Rosa the next day.  I made a BBQ & poolside stop at my sisters. She couldn't make it to the show because of work but wanted all the details she missed out on. Hope your trip home was good as well. Xo
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