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You know one thing for sure... I love all the Foreigner Classic rock music. But I love love love all the new. Wish soooo much that they would play a few of their new songs at a show. I did hear "In Pieces" during their tour with Journey years back. Have any of you seen them do "Too Late" or "When it comes to Love"  or any other fantastic Can't Slow Down album tunes?
Yes, we made it home safe. Glad you got to do more fun stuff before you head home. In a nut shell, it was a wonderful weekend!!!
Great review Rhonda!!! Sounds like a fantastic show as always!
Eunice Rocks! Glad we all got a little souvenir to take home. I played my Can't Slow Down CD over and over all the way to Santa Rosa the next day.  I made a BBQ & poolside stop at my sisters. She couldn't make it to the show because of work but wanted all the details she missed out on. Hope your trip home was good as well. Xo
Great review Rhonda. Thanks for sharing. I couldn't agree with you more. It was so nice rocking with you in front of Tommy on the keyboard. We really had great seats up front touching the stage. It was an amazing show. Was so nice of Bruce to hand me a pick and handed one to my sister as well. We were both a happy camper.
Love these guys :) ;)
M⃣O⃣N⃣T⃣B⃣L⃣E⃣U⃣ R⃣E⃣S⃣O⃣R⃣T⃣ C⃣A⃣S⃣I⃣N⃣O⃣ & S⃣P⃣A⃣

What a sweet spot to go see these guys at the beautiful south shores of Lake Tahoe. I arrived an hour before the meet and greet where it poured rain for fifteen minutes hard and stopped when I pulled into the casino parking lot. Luck was on my side I thought. My room view had sights of the mountains, lake and golf course next door. But the views of later onstage, well, there was no end in sight.

Great Set list for the show: (3 encores) 💛💛💛

Double Vision
Head Games
Cold As Ice
Waiting For Girl
Dirty White Boy
Say You Will
Feels Like The First Time
Bluestein/Frazier Solo
Jukebox Hero

Long Long Way From Home
I Want To Know What Love Is
Hot Blooded

This evening started out with me catching up with the girls at the meet & greet. I couldn't put Eunice down cuz she was so fun to squeeze and pick up, heehe. Along with her was her co worker and sister. Fun gals and nice catching up after the show. I really was happy to also meet the dynamic Foreigner fan couple, Vera & Tom. Her camera does amazing things but it's the girl holding the camera that rocks... Or should I say until I spotted that camera hand off to Kelly onstage where he whisked away with it and started his own photo shoot with the boys while they were playing. Bravo! That was fun to see.

I was amazed once again with all the new changes since my last show. Way too long for this girl to miss out on Dirty White Boys onstage. Bluestein rocked the bass while Pilson set back into those keyboards. I loved it! It set off some kinda frenzy cuz hot guys were running in circles on the stage as well. Along with the firsts for me came a Pilson treat. He let a pretty young lady come up with him onstage and they played the bass together. I was like.... She resembles a younger version of his wife. Who knows, it could have been a relative but that was silly cute.

Another silly cute moment was the Kelly crowd walk. It would have been better in WPs but the girls are ready for that roll out into the crowd in anything. Btw, he was wearing his BLuePs. Shirt stayed on and he made it back to the stage in one piece with no torn off clothes. Now where were those WPs hiding? I don't know, I've never seen them at a show but I'm crossing my fingers that maybe they will appear for me during their Kid Rock Summer Tour.  Two shows in my area. Unless Brandon takes on an illness, I will never be in line to work merchandise and sell tshirts and tour, lol. What does it take anyway? Heehe. No really! Lol. What? I can count.

Sweet drum and keyboard solo, Chris played with the H20 Splash and as usual Michael's keyboards urged the crowd for more. It was friggin amazing!!! As for sax, it was special to see that Urgent solo again and what a lucky girl that they chose to do LLWFH as an encore and I got even more sax. I've never been to a show with that song as an encore.  Now if I can only see those black shiney pants again. Right girls? He wore the sax hat, that was neato! He looks great in hats.... All the guitar duos with Bruce face melting the crowd with Jeff and Tom were funtastic. Man that guy can rock! Oh, he can run too. In circles! I must get a guitar pick from that golden boy. Only person I don't have in my collection and thank you Chris for the stick hand off to me. Glad I was close to the stage!

Thanks for a very awesome and entertaining show guys! And I mean entertaining. I never knew what was gonna happen next with these guys being so full of "fun".  Can't wait for the Summer Tour... Rest up!

Hugs to all~

F⃣O⃣R⃣E⃣I⃣G⃣N⃣E⃣R⃣ R⃣O⃣C⃣K⃣S⃣

General Discussion / Re: WPs throw down 💛
« Last post by southbeachnites on June 11, 2015, 04:39:19 pm »
Awe thanks for the "heads up" text Eunice! Great pics, so are Vera's. 🎵
General Discussion / Re: WPs throw down 💛
« Last post by ekelly51 on June 10, 2015, 04:03:02 pm »
Yes, Tom is a  cool guy!!  I'm waiting for Vera's pics as well. She takes great pictures.  What's up with our VIP pics?
General Discussion / Re: WPs throw down 💛
« Last post by southbeachnites on June 10, 2015, 09:51:58 am »
E-girl... Your here! 💚

Awe, your an absolute doll~

Thanks and yes, let's meet up again at a future venue. I'm waiting to see some of Vera's hot shots. Where is our lovely lady? Doesn't she just have the most cool husband in the world? Definitely a team that loves their rock band.

General Discussion / Re: WPs throw down 💛
« Last post by ekelly51 on June 09, 2015, 01:01:34 pm »
Hi Rhonda- So happy to finally meet you in Tahoe. I had so much fun with you rocking with the boys. Can't wait to see our group pic at the M&G. The boys were awesome as usual. I had a blast. Let's meet again soon!!

Eunice ;D :)
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