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Concert Reviews / Re: No Mick Jones ?
« Last post by Starrider81 on March 09, 2014, 10:22:10 pm »
okay I'm not hating ---- it's just my once great favorite band is just in a sad state right now!! I mean, Mick Jones is literally and figuritively trying to hold his band together, he's beating the dead horse which is Foreigner!!! Great to hear that Mick trys to make an appearance on a show or two and trys to perform as much as he can. The sub guitarist Bruce Watson okay that's his name srry I kept calling him "blondie" he's doing allright as the fill in but he best not even try Star Rider!! that's MICK's signature song ty!! lol Kelly Hanson is no longer my issue besides the fact he needs to quit being a big poser Steven Tyler wanna be at 51!! Lou never got that crazy on stage !! Just saying ---- my issue is the future of this once great band but than again I think alot of other bands from era maybe falling to the wayside like that...

Oh side note, I have a portrait painting of Lou -- YES folkes, crazy boy is an upincoming artist!!! Lou allready has an interest in the portrait I did of him -- would love to do one of Mick --- Lou and Mick to me will allways be the heart and soul of Foreigner --- no they'll never get back together i know but they were an awesome pair in their prime and that's what I'm trying to capture in my paintings....

You'll have to find my painting of Lou on my facebook or or LG's fanpage --- yesss I'm inviting YOU minions!!! :)

I mean, I have trolled and read your reviews of allll these concert reviews that you give great job but can you realllllly padded it up any more ---- I mean what happened to all those ***earlier*** Foreigner reviews when Lou was with the band in 1982 and you were like in such an awe of Lou back than and now it's like you're litterlay kissing Kelly's pants by reading these reviews!!!! OMG!! And question you mentioned ***Blondie""?? Bruce the sub guitarist for Mick Jones I take it --- you know I swear if I didn't know better you didn't give a review of Foreigner , you just gave the BEST review of COVER/TRIBUTE BAND EVER!! Don't U feel proud??? You're reviews reaallly make my gaak and laugh !!! So it doesn't bother you that the ONE orig member is not playing with Foreigner but you'll gloat and brag what an awesome show it is?? Wow!!! You don't sound like a loyal Foreigner fan to me but whatever you 're the king minions...

And I still never got my answer to my question is Mick EVEN still Foreigner or is he just promoting the tour with Styx and letting Bruce "Blondie" perform? Hope the hell touch Star rider!!! lolol Okay I better go .... just reading about you blinded minoin Foreigner fans make me laugh!!! Where's Foriegnerfan1968 or 1970 when U need him!!! lol
General Discussion / Re: GUESS WHO I GOT A PERSONAL THANK U FROM????
« Last post by Starrider81 on March 09, 2014, 09:57:05 pm »

By the way I'm tired of the hating --- I just hate some of the minions on this board who one still down grade Lou's vocal abilities post surgery. OKAY he is NO LONGER with FOREIGNER I KNOW THAT!!! Even in Lou 's book Lou calls Kelly a strong singer and mimicks Lou's style like he was trained to do...I just don't care about his poser wanna be Steven tyler antics that's all I have an issue with BUT ---- still you can't deny what Lou brought to Foreigner in the past okay!! I admire lou for just going out there putting his heart and soul out there and some of you minions have posted some nasty things about his singing abilities but yet when Lou gets an award with Mick --- close to kissing up!! I'll allways love Foriegner's music and rock history --- it's just you fickled minions that get me!!
General Discussion / Re: Question
« Last post by Starrider81 on March 09, 2014, 09:50:49 pm »
Jeff: just read your glowing reviews for Lou's Vocals on Heavan On Our Side interesting ---- what would you say his vocals are like now?? Afraid to comment on that or might piss off the Kelly lovers out there? lolol
Concert Reviews / Re: Portland, ME 18Feb14
« Last post by SU_5757 on March 09, 2014, 09:49:20 pm »
Geez... I even started this thread clearly stating that I did not hear a promo for the show with Lou's vocal and yet here the whining resurfaces again.  I'd really like to hear proof of a present day radio ad using Lou's vocal before this ranting continues.    I haven't read a single posting that lends credence to all these radio spots that only you seem to hear.  Foreignerfan1970  can you put up or shut up? Or better yet, take your concern in an adult manner to Foreigner's management instead of every thread here.
General Discussion / Re: Question
« Last post by Jeffistheirbiggestfan on March 08, 2014, 09:43:49 pm »
The third song of new music on this album, PRISONER OF LOVE, is a beautifully supercharged power ballad that is a near perfect song in every way. Lou's vocals are freaking incredible all throughout the track; the piano and synthesizer are breathtaking in both their simplicity and complexity; plus a rocking riff by Mick. If I'm not mistaken, it is Mark Schulman on drums. The melody flows beautifully and the backup vocals are awesome as well. As the song fades away, Lou lets out one of his highest belts ever!
General Discussion / Re: Mick Jones Ill or just taking break
« Last post by Starrider81 on March 07, 2014, 07:07:50 pm »
that's the BIG question now isn't it -- will Mick show up or not??!! lol I've seen him out there promoting the Styx, Don Felder tour but when I see pics without Mick playing and you got Blondie there ... I'm like ok! Whatever!! lol
okay I was trolling the Foreigner facebook page when I saw the latest photos the recent Foreigner concert and noticed that the pictures had no pics of Foreigner's fearless leader Mick Jones?? Now, what is the deal? I KNOW Mick is feeling much better, he's been out there with the members of Styx promoting this summer tour they have with them but for some reason when I'm **trolling** the Foreigner fb page and you happy minion fans posts pictures there's still fearless leader?? Whazzup with that?? So I guess I'm asking is Mick just now promoting Foreigner and letting that **blonde haired** dude fill in? What's Mick's roll in Foreigner now .... Juuuuuust asking fellow Minions!! :)
General Discussion / Re: Wow!!!
« Last post by Vince on March 06, 2014, 03:21:56 pm »
Agree with you completely Shadow.
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