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Concert Reviews / Re: Hampton Beach Casino
« Last post by SU_5757 on August 18, 2016, 09:46:07 am »
jdeflp -You should get an email 1-2 days prior to the event telling you when to show up.  VIP occurs prior to the show so plan to have an early arrival.  You'll be escorted to a place where you'll be able to say a quick "hello", Shake hands and have your pic taken by their photographer.  No autographs or anything else. Images are posted on this site for you to access in a day or 2.  Merchandise for this package is picked up and you're ready to enjoy the show.
Concert Reviews / Re: Hampton Beach Casino
« Last post by jdeflep on August 12, 2016, 12:20:17 am »
Was this the vip package?......I bought some for the upcoming Sun Vallet gig and wondered what to expect....
Concert Reviews / Foxwoods Connecticut Concert
« Last post by Bv4igner on July 31, 2016, 11:44:48 am »
AWESOME concert by the band at Foxwoods in Connecticut ... they ROCKED!!! You have to see them on tour ... as good as ever.  High energy, and the BEST timeless rock songs sung and played to perfection.  Thanks guys for 40 years of great music and tremendous concerts!
Ask the Band / Dream on
« Last post by ross on July 31, 2016, 02:27:23 am »
You guys are making me dreaming always when I'm listening to you!
I allow myself to send you some pictures from Bulgaria.I hope you like it and maybe it will makes you to come back to Bulgaria not only for a concert but for some break.Just to taste some dishes of ours.
Long lives and longer loves to each and everyone of you!
Hail to all fans in this community!
Concert Reviews / Hampton Beach Casino
« Last post by JC6000 on July 28, 2016, 01:47:06 pm »
Just a great concert on July 27, meet and greet was my first and thought it was awesome! How do you guys put out so much energy and keep going?
Hope to see you again on your next tour!
Thanks again!
Concert Reviews / Verona, NY Cocert
« Last post by Coveman12 on July 28, 2016, 05:58:55 am »
To the Band  ..  if you ever read any of these things.  Thank You !   I want you all to know how very happy you made my wife at the meet and greet at the Verona NY Concert.   I know you do so many concerts and meet and greets on a busy demanding schedule.  But the warm warm welcome you extended to me and my wife gave her and I a unforgettable memory for life.  We are Fans for life now  ..  Thank You for what you do !
Ask the Band / 100%
« Last post by Coveman12 on July 27, 2016, 06:55:31 am »
Thank You guys , Every one of you. Meeting all of you made my wife so happy. Meant the world to her and I could never thank you enough for the joy you have  given her.  You give so much joy to us through your music and fan appreciation. I wish it all back to you and your loved ones 100 times as much. Long Lives and longer loves to each and every one of you. And I'll be waiting  .. till the next time your in town.  Eternally Grateful  .. Charles Dwyer 
Ask the Band / About "Rocktopia ...."
« Last post by ross on June 19, 2016, 07:51:52 am »
 I just read the article "Rocktopia  features Foreigner" by Ray Paul now and I would like to share my opinion.
 Firstly about Kelly.
I beg you all to stop calling him "the new guy". It doesn't matter how long has one singer worked with the band but whether he's being inscribed well(on reference see "Queen" and A.Lambert).In fact Kelly is pe-e-erfect and the band has taken an ace in their hands with such lead vocalist.
Also I beg a lot everyone to stop correlating him with Lou Gramm.Well,Lou Gramm he is Lou Gramm but Mr.Hansen he is ...o-o-h...much better I think.So much exploding energy has in him.
 Secondly about the paragraph:"Only the keyboard and drum solo lose some of the momentum."
 Oh,come on!In Sofia at the concert(12.06.) Mike Bluestein and Chris Frazier in no way inferior to others.
     Keep rocking boys!   Noses up!
Sending you a greeting from the bottom of my and all Bulgarian souls.
Great song,great poet!Enjoy it!
 The lyrics in english are:
Blue void
 By Pavel Matev

You departed.
Like a dream,like snow,like rain,
like spring and autumn and winter!
Your shadow over the young rye
unfurled like a blue scarf.

As yet unmourned,a sad joke
begins its partridge like call...
And a perfumed sorrow
could gently bring you to new birth...

I stopped in my tracks!
And closed my eyes so I could get over you.
And guilty,guilty my soul was silent -
only the wind passed through it.

Only the wind,the wind ,scarcely blew.
A chicken or some such squawks outside
Ah,what,ah,what a blue void
have we some time forgotten here!

Translated Christopher Buxton
Ask the Band / One more gig in Las Vegas, Please
« Last post by JCC on June 13, 2016, 11:48:36 am »
Gents, It has been awhile since we saw your faces here.  Since you started here at Boulder Station in March 2005, your concerts here have been great, prolly about a dozen of them.  My Foreigner "low level" light is on and burning way too bright.  How about you fit in Vegas sometime between 10 and 13 July.  Give it a shot please.

Ask the Band / Any New Albums in the works?
« Last post by BBOSAK on June 08, 2016, 04:36:13 pm »
Since Kelly is vastly vocally talented and Mick is absolutely brilliant. I am sincerely hoping new albums will also be in the works. As is have to say, Kelly totally fooled me being so good with that voice of his that I thought I was listening to the original singer. Please, keep it going this world is in need of the great music you have produced. To watch your concert on TV, was one the best treats I have gotten in awhile. Wow, Foreigner is still one of the greatest groups around and never let it be said any differently!
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