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Babs **honey*** from what I heard and think I understand it Lou and Mick are going to record together on their solo projects, I myself don't think Lou would come back to Foreigner as long Kelly is in the band all the ***new*** Foreigners fans have been doctorined and brained washed believing this is the true Foreigner band, and I'm  not bashing Kelly...even Lou has said he's a "strong" singer --- it's just sad how Mick is now beating a dying horse!! From all reports I've been hearing Mick barely plays on any of the new Foreigner shows -- it's sad that they have become nothing more that a glorified cover/tribute band!!! Yess I said it!!!! It's just sad!!
So it looks like "Faux-eigner" will continue? This is an authorized tribute band, nothing more, nothing less.
General Discussion / Re: Looks like NO MICK JONES at the Cleveland Foreigner show Nov 17
« Last post by Babs on December 11, 2014, 08:59:18 am »
From what I read Mick said that Lou and him will get together to go through some old stuff. Not one word of going on stage together again.
Mick also mentioned very often how much he appreciates Kelly's voice, performance ... and all he does for the band. Can't imagine he gives up on him.
Well, time to cheer up !!! I even posted this on the forum but Mick Jones and Lou Gramm ARE getting back together in 2015 maybe not as "Foreigner" but working together on each one's solo projects! I know alot of the fanatical Kellylover Minions are all in denial and in a panic mode "oh no!!! what will Kelly do now???!!!" lolol but maybe with Mick not performing at the shows, maybe he's finailly realizing his old Foreigner is not the Foreigner  of old .... it's just a cover/tribute band now!!! So sad but true!
General Discussion / MICK AND LOU WORKING BACK TOGETHER IN 2015 !!!!!
« Last post by Starrider81 on December 08, 2014, 04:36:02 am »

Okay ***minions*** and Kellylovers you know what this means ---- poor Kelly is going to need alot of moral support and hugs after the pink slip from Mick!!! hahahahahahah

General Discussion / Re: greeting
« Last post by Babs on December 02, 2014, 06:23:13 am »
Happy holidays, Luke!
I couldn't agree more....I ave been a fan since day one back in '77. I would argue only having one original member was questionable but fielding the stage without a single original member and calling it Foreigner is ridiculous beyond description. 
General Discussion / greeting
« Last post by Luke on November 30, 2014, 02:41:24 pm »
Happy holidays to all the Foreigner Family  ;D
Okay, I know my posts usually goes ignores and my opinions don't matter anymore on this fan forum butas far as I know it's a free world so I guess I can still state my views despite the ***mininions*** my local radio state WNCX 98.5 was kind enough to post photos of ***Foreigner***'s recent show at the Cleveland Hard Rock Casino and although I still couldn't find any reviews of the show from the photos still no Mick Jones but I'm sure he's got an excuse, I take he pretty much lets rest of the guys call themselves Foreigner and moves on which is still prety damn sad but I know my opinion doesn't mean squat here but my rent to vent and I'm reeeeally trying now to get tooo nasty, it's just sad really. I mean it's like Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr allowing 4 unknown studio musicains to call and pretend they are The Beatles and continue like nothing's changed!! Ponder that for a minute's just sad! I really feel pitty for these guys right now and YES I'll still follow Lou Gramm and the other original members of Foreigner (Dennis,Ian,Rick,Al,Lou and Mick) and call them Foreigner but this current line up......uhuh will never call them Foreigner sorry!!

Okay mininons I'm done... REAALLY!
General Discussion / Re: FB likes
« Last post by Luke on November 18, 2014, 09:55:35 am »
Happy Holidays Gina to you and the millions ::)
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