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Babs, I know you and me have had our disagreements and such .... and I'm not gonna start any drama but I am at least hoping and praying that Mick at least attends Ed's wake or funeral or however the Gagliardi family makes an arrangment, I think that would be the BIGGEST thing that Mick could do right now and I know it'd mean alot to Ed's family. Praying for everyone involved. From my understanding it was cancer that took him after 8 years. My mom had cancer for 5 yrs. and passed so I could relate to it. Say what you will about me .... but I still care and love Foreigner original lineup ... they meant alot to me growing up.

I read these sad news on Dennis Elliot's site ... R.I.P. Ed
R.I.P. Ed

I found out this morning, and I don't know all the details but original bassist from Foreigner Ed Gagliardi passed away, I didn't even realized he was ill for along time, and yes I recieved this information from Lou Gramm facebook page and there was talk of including Ed with Lou and Mick for a possible reunion or project....just thougth I'd let some you who are still fans of "earlier" Foreigner know and someone inform Mick please :(

Okay say I'm causing trouble again BUT I found out from a reliable source that Lou and Mick DID work out their issues and mend fenses which is awesome and possibility of Mick working with Lou ... maybe NOT as Foreigner but on possible seperate you all minions can continue to ignore me and call me crazy I'm fine with that .... but whatcha gonna if that really does happen!!! Are we still following Kelly Poser or like you all did at the SHOF ceromonies kiss Lou's butt and try to act all innocent when some of you weren't??

(continue sound of crickets!!) ForeignerFan 68,70,71 where are you bro?/
Ask the Band / Would like to meet you guys
« Last post by MikeM on May 10, 2014, 10:17:24 pm »
Hi! In 2010, my first love and I got together after 40 years, and we saw Foreigner in Chicago on June 6 - same date as the concert we are going to this year! What a way to celebrate, as we hold a special place in our hearts for you guys! We are both 65, but young at heart, and would love to meet you - at least to say thanks for all these years, and hopefully autograph our program. She doesn't know I am asking, so it would be a surprise! Is there such a thing as Meet & Greet? (she already got our tickets) You have my e-mail address, so please let me know if this is possible. BTW, we really were only interested in seeing you guys! We look forward to the concert, as I work in England and I haven't been with her since last Dec.
General Discussion / Digital Downloads
« Last post by AgentProvo on May 09, 2014, 08:23:10 pm »
Clearly we are living in strange times. A band that is nearly 40 years old and their music is being downloaded at a faster clip than many of the American idols and wannabes that are posing as rock artists. All I know is when the guy who was running the scrambler ride back in '81 said, "do you want to go faster?"...we all yelled back..."yes!" And the song that was playing was "Juke Box Hero". Music used to mean something. Now it's empty calories. Thank God the Foreigner legacy is alive and well. Way to go Mick!
General Discussion / Re: Mick's Foreigner
« Last post by AgentProvo on May 09, 2014, 08:16:57 pm »
Clearly this band had reinvented itself without Lou and the original members. Keep in mind that Lou and Mick paired the band down before "4" and that was the correct decision. Kelly Hansen is NOT Lou in his prime, but he's damned close. The players in this new outfit are professional and do justice to the Foreigner sound.Overall a solid B. The new material lacks the punch and desperation the older stuff had. With one exception, the song "Too Late".
General Discussion / Re: Mick's Foreigner
« Last post by SoUrgent on May 09, 2014, 01:05:43 pm »

Where's Foreignerfan1968 when we need him!!

Surely you mean, "I." 

Probably on Malaysian Flight 370- where you belong. He's gone.
Concert Reviews / Re: Portsmouth Guildhall - The Pompey Pack review
« Last post by headknocker on May 09, 2014, 12:09:46 pm »
You're the last person to be calling people names.
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