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Belterra Indiana
« on: November 02, 2008, 10:50:59 am »
Let me start by saying this was my first foreigner concert. It was also excellent even if all the original members are not there. wish i would have forked out the 15 bucks back in the 80's to go to the local concert.
The lead vocals were outstanding, and the music gave me goose bumps, bringing me back to the early 80's when i first caught foreigner on tv and radio.  even my wife who was not a big fan of foreigner was impressed... until the end of the show.
  The show was so short, it started a 7:15 and people did not get into the show until the third or fourth song.  things really started working at that point.  the people started dancing and partying even though most of the croud was older.  i saw only 2 people under the age of 30, and they were talking about the free tickets they got from the casino.. But when they walked off stage after only 1 hout and 5 minutes, (not all time playing songs), i looked at my wife and others puzzled. at first i thought it was break, or the start of a solo or something. After about 4 minutes they came back on stage. they came back and i thought Ok great they are back just sing already. After some birthday wishes for one of the band members and a few minutes of chit chat with the audiance, they played 3 more songs.  Once again they walked off the stage.  This time the lights came up. they said thier fariwells and it was over.    "wait.... it was over!!!" they walked off stage at 8:45.  

 So now my emotions were all messed up.  I loved the concert for the most part. songs brought back sooo... many memories for me...  some good some embarrasing..  but i was ultimately dissapointed with the length of the concert.  i mean come on after you take out all of the non singing antics, the concert was about 1:05 to 1:15 minutes.   you know i know times have changed and i was happy that the ticket prices were only $60.00 a piece.  Wait $60.00 a piece and i only hear them siing 13 songs. (not counting happy birthday) With the way things are for me anyway, in the economy i began to think i could have spent my money better on buying a cd the has 32 songs on it.  but since i have been a fan of them for a while and already have all the albums.  i didn't go for that route.  Well i guess the ones they did sing were excellent.... and i was impressed,,.....  except the sticking the led zepplin song in the middle of a foreigner song.  for me that was a musical turn off..  I realise that most of the concerts i have gone to in the past have had warm up acts, at much larger but this realy did not feel like a concert.  

I know by reading this most people will not understand my position but i saved my money  to go to a concert and feel like i saw a realy realy realy good warm up band. OK OK stop calling me a jerk...   at the end i was left half empty...  not hearing a few of the songs that i was sure i would here left me wanting more and the fact my drive to the concert was almost longer than the show. there were no closer shows to me..

well i just noticed how long this is, and most people will not read all of this. I have not ever seen a foreigner show before this so i have nothing to compare it to but based on what i saw last night Ill give it a 8 out of 10 for taking me back 27 years to high school and quality of music/vocals  but i give it a measly 5 out of 10 for show satisfaction.  mainly for the length of show and cost dissapoint me, and left me feeling like my best friend took home my prom date..

Hey im not trying to piss anybody off but i think they could have added 5 more songs and im sure i would have been changing my tune on this ( pun intended ) but in the end im a foreigner fan and always will be....



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Belterra Indiana
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2008, 11:50:47 pm »
you may or may not know that the casino always wants the gamblers back on the floor spending money as soon as possible.  So casino shows unfortunately are shorter than usual shows.