Author Topic: Why don't we hear the "new" Foreigner on the radio, just the "old" band with Lou?  (Read 3140 times)


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Good afternoon everyone,

I am new to the site (like, 1 hour old, lol) and have to say real quick that Foreigner is my ABSOLUTE HANDS DOWN favorite band! I go to every concert I can make and they ROCK THE HOUSE each and every time!

My question is, why when we hear Foreigner on the radio we only hear the original recordings with Lou Gramm from the 70's, not with Kelly Hansen and company from this decade? Are they not able to re-record Hot Blooded, Double Vision, Urgent, etc. in studio and re-release them on the radio due to copyright laws?  Same thing with the new CD "No End in Sight"? The songs sound great and better as they are remastered compared to previous Greatest Hits CD's, but there are very few studio "oldies" that are performed with Kelly as the lead singer (aside from the "Live in '05" CD- which was a taping of their concert).

I guess that I just want to spread my passion for Foreigner to all of society, and having people hear the "new" Foreigner and how incredible they sound compared to the original. But it appears the only way to do that is to convince them to go to concerts with me, or have them listen to "Live in '05."

I checked wikipedia and I did not find an answer. Maybe my new friends here can help a fellow fan? I just want to hear Kelly, Mick, Tom, Jeff, Mike, and Bryan in studio re-recording these classics and getting them to radio or CD for all to hear! And I don't like to NOT know why they can't!!! lol...

I hope this makes sense, and I apologize for being LOOOOOOOOONG winded- you'll soon learn that I type- A LOT!

Thanks gang!:smile:


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Because these 'original' songs made them what they are today.
Although I like the sound of the band and Kelly (on Too Late), they shouldn't try rewrite history like Journey did one their new album which contained a disc with re-recorded hits, because they can't never achieve the quality of the original band.
Also they proved with Too Late they can come up with good material anyway so no need to re-record previous hits.


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That is what I figured in talking to my friends. Thank you for your information!! I hope that they can come out with more hits, as they did with "Too Late."



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There probably are a couple of radio stations that are playing more than one re-recording of Foreigner songs, but I'd guess that 99% of radio station programmers would say: (1)"What's the point?"; or (2)"How can I justify spending the time and effort to replace the songs with "redos"?".

Mick can justify the time and effort to re-record because he has a living, breathing market for those products.  That market is YOU and ME.

You could actually make a case that Mick prefers that radio continue to play the original versions of the songs.  Why?  Because it only makes YOU and ME want to buy the updated versions that much more...........because that's the only way we're going to be able to hear them.