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Kelly Hansen's Biography
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Recording artist, performer and Foreigner front-man Kelly Hansen is a modern rock icon. Combining amazing vocals with over-the-top performances, Hansen produces energy and passion that blast through classic rock and always leave fans wanting more.

Kelly’s Influences
Kelly Hansen was born April 18, 1961 in Hawthorne, CA. He lists his musical influences as Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye and all 50s and 60s R&B. Starting as a teen solo artist, Hansen toured SoCal high schools and parks, capturing crowds early on with his energetic and sexy stage presence and a voice that soared through anthemic rock with uncompromising fashion. Then, in 1984, Hansen met up with guitarist Robert Sarzo and bassist Tony Cavazo (the kid brothers of Quiet Riot‘s Carlos Cavazo and Rudy Sarzo), and with drummer Jay Schellen, they formed the melodic, hard-rock group Hurricane. Musically the band fused easy-to-listen-to melodies with a bad-boy attitude, releasing the milestone album, “Take What You Want,” in 1985. Hansen’s emerging kick-ass style clicked as the band hit the tour circuit and he honed his stage skills around the U.S., Canada and Japan. Throughout the 1980s, Hurricane recorded three critically-acclaimed albums including the memorable “Over The Edge.” The band also racked up five Top 20 MTV videos and landed a top 35 single, “I’m On To You.”

Kelly’s Career
Into the 1990s Hansen masterfully continued to make music with a long list of other accomplished artists. Hansen was featured with Unruly Child in its 1999 “Waiting for the Sun” album. He lent his talents to Stuart Smith’s (“Heaven and Earth,” 1999) and Tim Donahue’s (“Into the Light,” 2000), and partnered with Poisonguitarist CC DeVille and French torch singer Liane Foly. In 2001 Hansen and Hurricane drummer Schellen released “Liquifury,” Hurricane’s first CD in over 10 years, to overwhelming acclaim. Hansen also has worked on a myriad of projects with a veritable who’s who in the industry. As an engineer, producer and composer in many styles, Hansen has the experience and confidence to be comfortable in any musical situation.

Meeting Mick Jones
In 2005, a serendipitous rock convergence linked Hansen to Mick Jones, who was up to something new – a revamping of Foreigner. After meeting and jamming with the band, Jones asked Hansen to join Foreigner. Since then, Hansen’s unique, explosive style has showcased the authentic Foreigner catalog across five continents and countless countries, cultivating a new following and reinstating Foreigner’s musical prominence in the process.

Today and Tomorrow
Coming off a massive European tour and continuing this summer on a much-anticipated US tour withJourney, Hansen’s vocals have kept true to the roots of Foreigner greatness. Hansen’s unforgettable stage style and distinctive voice have pushed Foreigner deeper. The band influence is intensifying – engaging new and hard-core Foreigner fans alike in the process. Each new step reveals another layer of talent for Kelly Hansen, astounding recording artist and performer who certainly knows, and is, everything rock and roll ought to be.



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Re: Kelly Hansen's Biography
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Re: Kelly Hansen's Biography
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Re: Kelly Hansen's Biography
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Re: Kelly Hansen's Biography
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heard they're doing a bio-pic on Areosmith's Steven Tyler --- Kelly should audition!!! lol just saying!!! hahaha :p