Author Topic: First 4 Albums Reissued in SACD Hybrid by MOFI  (Read 5011 times)


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First 4 Albums Reissued in SACD Hybrid by MOFI
« on: May 24, 2012, 11:45:28 am »
I don't know how many of you have an SACD player or think of yourselves as audiophiles, but the well known company Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MOFI) has remastered the first 4 Foreigner albums in SACD format, but are also playable on regular CD players.  The first 2 are available now and the next 2 coming soon.  (You can order them at Amazon too.)

They've also remastered them in 180g Vinyl.  See here for details:

For those of us who go back to the days of vinyl, you may remember MOFI as the company who came out with Half-Speed audiophile masters of various albums back in the 70's and 80's...including Double Vision.  They're well known for producing high-quality sound.

As to how these compare to the 2002 Atlantic remasters, I haven't listened to my copies yet, but the SACD layer should certainly sound better and usually even the 'regular' layer does as well because it's sampled at a higher rate and benefits somewhat from the SACD remaster.  I'll admit these are kinda pricey so you may want to check the reviews below first, but they're usually worth it if you're in the practice of sitting down and really listening.  When I get a chance to listen myself, I'll try and post my own review.

Judging from the review below though, I'd have to think this is the case here because this guy isn't really a Foreigner fan yet raves about it.  You can read further, as if nothing else it's a nice testament from someone unbiased.  This came from Steve Hoffman's site, who is an engineer that has remastered hundreds of audiophile quality albums, by The Who and others.  He wasn't involved in the Foreigner releases, but people post about this sort of thing in his Forum regardless.



"I'm not a Foreigner fan by any means, but I compared a borrowed MFSL copy of the S/T recently to the target and it sounds great.  Easily the best digital version I've ever heard.  In fact the CD layer alone beat's any previous version. The Dynamics on this MOFI kill the Target, yet the average volume level is virtually the same as the Target. Probably due to the target/original mastering being made from an LP EQ'd copy that for some reason was limited at 89.1% - according to Mr Diament.

I'm surprised this phenomenal sounding hybrid SACD has received virtually no ink here??? This disc is a winner. I'd buy it in a second but I'm just not a fan of the band or most of the material - even so I may still pick it up it is simply that good."

Note: Here are some reviews for Double Vision:


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Re: First 4 Albums Reissued in SACD Hybrid by MOFI
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2012, 03:14:21 pm »
Sweet! I have the 1st 2 albums by MOFI on audiophile vinyl and they sound amazing! I imagine these pressings are a good representation of the beautiful analog recordings made back in the day and how Mick would want us to hear the songs. The digital world of CD's and such just doesn't do these classic recordings justice. No wonder vinyl has survived... you just can't beat a pristine record pressing!!
 I wonder when they will release "4" and "Head Games"?? It says "Coming 2011" on MOFI's site. I can't wait to hear them...

Also, I wonder if the band will get involved in Record Store Day next year? It would be so awesome if they released some old vault material on vinyl and made it an exclusive to Record Store Day. Or, maybe even a new song or 2 as a 7" single. I had a blast this past R.S.D. hunting for exclusive records from all sorts of classic artists and listening to classic songs again like it was the first time... back before digital.
I hope they get involved...  :)