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I really don't know where to begin here...there is just so much that went into this show emotionally...

I was visiting my very best friends in the world, I had not seen them in quite a long time - way too long - and just regrouping with them was such an overjoyful experience.

There were the six of us together for the evening. My friend William was with me at my very first FOREIGNER concert on 17MAR1982. Along with us were his wife and two teenage daughters and his mother, Piety, who has been my 1.1 mother for over 30 years. Heck, the whole family is my 1.1 family!

So I'll start off with the Meet and Greet. I usually don't talk about these here, just post the pics on facebook. But tonight was so very special for so many reasons.

For it was my friends I was showing off to FOREIGNER, not FOREIGNER I was showing off to my friends!

So there's 30 some odd people in the room for the M&G. We all know the rumors have abounded for weeks (months in some cases) that TONIGHT would be THE NIGHT that MICK returned.

So the guys start filing into the room where we were, and.....THERE HE WAS!!!! THERE HE WAS!!!!!!

IT WAS MICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to my utter amazement he looked at me and smiled and gave me a "hello" gesture! I had sent word that this was a very special night for me with my very best friends along and the entire band made them feel very welcome and treated them so well - it was just so heartwarming for me.

So we get back to our table after the M&G to finish out Night Rangers set. Good to see them again...saw them last year in Germany and here in the states when they opened for FOREIGNER and Journey.

So with Night Ranger through, and the "redoing" of the stage, the anticipation builds...

There are guys videotaping everything, several of them all around...

All of a sudden Phil Carson walks by and I chat with him for a second.

Oh, one bit of info I left out. I was so nervous getting ready for the M&G I left my ticket at the table! I was afraid I couldn't get back down to the pit! Out on nowhere Cozmo walks by and I tell him what I'd done and he escorts me past the security person, but she remembered me and didn't say anything, just let me pass through! I must say, it was a really great security group at this venue.

Speaking of the venue...totally open air, a canopy over the stage, but not even over the premium section where we were. The Chastain Park Amphitheatre is situated in a very affluent neighborhood of Atlanta. You would not believe some of the homes we passed by. The crowd was very laid back. Most everyone remained seated during Night Ranger. Down in the pit table areas everyone had table cloths spread over their tables, wine and cheese, candles, etc....many many bottles of vino atop the tables......

So that ever familiar opening track begins, and slowly Derek (filling in for Michael) and Mr. Tichy make their way to the spots. The show gets underway.

But this show was different. It wasn't so much about being at a FOREIGNER show, but it was about being at a FOREIGNER show with the best friends the Good Lord could ever bless someone with. My attention was more to making sure they were having a good time and pointing things out to them during certain songs that I appreciate seeing and hearing time and time again.

...and of course there was that unnerving anticipation....


So my mind is still a bit fogged about some of the early details of the show. Kelly did come out during CAS running the perimeter of the stage and stopping ever so briefly to slap out hands...

So let's move on to the setlist.

WAITING (for a guy like Mick to hit the stage)
SAY YOU WILL (acoustic)

S T O P   T H E   P R E S S E S ! ! !   S T O P   T H E   P R E S S E S ! ! !

It was at this point in the show, as Kelly was about to conclude the member introductions, that he began a very profound, moving and heartwarming announcement after saying some absolutely wonderful things about Bruce and his contribution to the band over the past year...

...I cannot duplicate exactly what he said, but will do my best to piece it together from memory...

"Ladies and Gentlemen - due to reasons beyond anyone's control, a very special member of the band has been away for a while. It has been unfortunate and we have all been waiting a long time. I have been waiting for what seems like forever to make this very special introduction - Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome our leader and our founder, MR. MIIIIICK JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONES!!!!!!!!!!

...and with my very best friends at my side, and Mick on stage, it really did....


Followed by....

(Key solo/drum solo/key-drum duet)

...and the encores...


Details, details, details, so many escape me...I still have not had time to fully digest them!

About the crowd again. Not what I'm used to seeing, but as I kind of mentioned earlier, it was like a "bring your own" supper show. And although there was a lot of wine flowing, it really was a family atmosphere. There were many children and teens in attendance, just not so many up front in the pit area. Not sure of the size of the crowd but maybe around 7500(?) Of course I stood the whole time, but I was a bit subdued from my usual. But like I said, was wanting to make sure my friends were having a good time, and that included not being quite my usual self...I probably would have scared them!

But the crowd did warm up and begin standing and shouting.

Once Mick was out though, barely a soul remained seated! In fact, we were getting crowded in a bit, and it was virtually impossible for me to get up to the stage. There were so many beautiful woman down there celebrating Mick's return!

It was great being Tichy-fied again! He was on fire (as usual) and I was telling my friends about how he will play the drums with his knuckles when he commenced doing it. They were quite tickled to see him at work!

Derek did quite a good job at keys! Its amazing how he (and Ollie previously) were able to get up there and sub for Michael as well as they do. You know Mick is such an amazing songwriter, and he writes in some of the hardest chords for musicians to play! While that's part of the wonder of FOREIGNER's wonderful music, its also quite a task for someone to fill in and play.

I guess it was during IWTKWLI because Mick was at the keys. I was able to catch his eye and I gave him a "thumbs up". He got a big grin on his face and gave me a "thumbs up" back. While we all know how special a private moment like this can be, William and Nikki "caught the moment" and said, "I saw that!" Just made it all the more special.

There is still so much more to write and I will ad more later, but I'm rushing to meet my published 4:00 p.m.CDT deadline for getting this posted so I will need to close shortly for now.

I do want to finish with this comment. We have all grown to know and love Bruce so much. We all see him as a member of FOREIGNER, not Mick Jone's fill in. I, and there are a growing number of us out there, who would like to see Bruce stay on. He and Mick could switch out songs and the such, and whatever, its just that Bruce has become so near and dear to us...I just don't want to see him fade away from us.

In conclusion, as much as you know how much I love all of you and so enjoy rocking with you, and we've all made so many beautiful memories together, I think last night really topped it all. It was so full of emotion with being there with the people who were there 31 plus years ago when I started getting so hooked on FOREIGNER, and with the high anticipation of Mick's triumphant return. So you can see how special last night was for me, but it certainly doesn't take away from what we've all shared together. It was just so very very special.

But most important of all, Mick is BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN!


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One very important thing I left out. Bruce did stay on stage the entire show. During HOT BLOODED, he and Mick really jammed together! It was really quite a sight! I did post a pic on facebook, but it doesn't even begin to do the moment justice!


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Jeff, this is such a wonderful review. If I could close my eyes whilst reading you'd given me the feeling I was there, too.
I can only slightly imagine how emotional it must have been for you to attend the M&G and the show with such good old friends. It didn't surprise me that your folks were treated nicely by the band. They always do, don't they?
What a moment it must have been when Mick came on stage! Awwwwww .... I wish I could have been there. And that he communicated with you - how lovely.
Need I say that I also would be very happy if Bruce would stay with the band? Mick could take it easy and keep on playing half of the set, wouldn't be as stressful as going through a whole show. Sounds like a perfect solution to me.
You were so lucky to be at this very special event ... Mick's return ... I'm running out of words. In my head are such as wonderful, incredible, lovely, marvellous, terrific .... and they still don't quite describe what I am trying to say.
So I stop trying and just say once again how much I like your review and how much joy it was reading it.
Thanks for taking the time to give us such detailed information, brother!

P.S. I loved Tommy's and Bruce' comments on their and the Foreigner FB-site, Jeff Pilson's tweet, Samantha Ronson's tweeted photo ... everybody was showing their love for Mick.
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As usual, awesome review Jeff... Like Babs said, you made us feel like we were there. What a great night you had with your favorite band and the people you love. Thanks for taking the time to share :)

Eunice ;D


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Jeff: Thank you ever so much for posting another one of your famous reviews. You make us feel as if we all had been there.

Being able to take your best friends for life to see a concert of your favourite band of all time AND witnessing how Mick conquers the stage again must have been an emotionally overwhelming experience for you with memories to cherish forever. I'm so happy for you! And I'm happy for all of us that we're having Mick back at the helm! (insert BIG smile here! )

Tatjana :)


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Hey all
Great review and i can feel how much your friends and the band mean to you in your review through your words it really was like being part of the experience!!
Anyone who knows you knows how much you deserved this night for being the fan you are!!!:-))
Great to hear Mick was back and Bruce was up there also!!!


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Hey Tatjana - not only was the main review my 800th post, your reply was your 500th!!!!! Congratulations Sister, you are now a HERO MEMBER!!!!!!!!


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As I said on FB already: What did Tatjana say to me when I became a Hero Member?
'You're talking too much'.
DITO, my friend  ;) Congratulations!


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Awesome review Jeff!!!! It feels like I'm standing there right with you soaking it all in!!!! It's so great to see Mick back rocking with the band!!! Since Mick has been gone I have also become a huge fan of Bruce, what great guitar player & a real nice guy!!! I really hope that he can stay too!!!  :)

Congrats Tatjana! I just became a Full Member for the second time! My last account expired when I was at like 135 posts. Hopefully this account won't expire...I hope to reach the Hero Member one day!!!  :D

Jennifer  :D


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I talk too much...

Tatjana ;)