Author Topic: FOREIGNER! MAKE MY PARENT'S FEEL SPECIAL!  (Read 2030 times)


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I'm a seventeen year old daughter of the most amazing parents ever! There are six girls in our family yet they've still managed to make it through twenty-five loving years of marriage.. With many years to come! They will be celebrating their twenty-fifth year anniversary at your concert this friday night at treasure island casino. My dad has bought two tickets as a surprise to her. I would really love if you could possibly recognize them as Roger and Cheri of Nowthen and dedicate the song "Waiting For A Girl Like You" to their wonderful love for each other that they have shared with my family. My dad has long been a great fan of you and I know it would really mean a lot to the both of them. That song also is very important to them, they listened to it on their wedding night. Please Foreigner! They really do deserve it I promise! I'll do anything, just make my parents feel special! ;D