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The band was welcomed by an audience that was ready to rock. It was incredible watching young kids jumping and singing 'Double Vision' along with the band--right along with those of us who are no longer kids (well, at least according to that darned birth date on our driver's license.)

Unfortunately, the threatening weather caught up to us several songs into the set. The wind picked up and Kelly announced that due the threat of wind and lightening there would be a pause; however they were told it might not be too long and the band would be back on stage if at all possible.

The crew jumped on securing the stage and tarping the gear. Security moved the crowd well away from the stage in an efficient and respectful manner. They made the right call because before long the clouds opened, the lightening crackled, and it rained steadily for a good half hour. I am guessing the duration because it is hard to judge time hunched under a poncho on a folding chair while rain pours over you and lightening crackles everywhere.

As the rain poured down, a group in the stands began to chant, "Hell no, we won't go!" Then, during one series of bright lightening bolts, another group broke into 'Juke Box Hero'. That gave me a reason to smile as cold rain continued to  wash down my back.

Eventually, the rain stopped, the crowd cheered, and then the wait for a decision. Again guessing, it was about another half hour before music was heard from the PA, and cheering erupted once again.

Soon, the crowd rushed back to the stage, the band appeared, and Kelly spoke: Good news, and bad news.

First, the bad news. Another weather cell was on the way and lightening could still be seen in the area. All things considered--the weather, the already soaked infrastructure, etc., it was not feasible to completely reset the entire stage. It was understandable as there are so many issues, from electronics, to safety, and no doubt more.

The good news: The band wanted to do a couple more songs for us anyway. So, we were able to rock to "unplugged" versions of two more songs, closing with Feels Like the First Time.

This evening there would be no Juke Box Hero, but I was thrilled to be able to see the band again. Hoping they will make another stop in my neck of the woods next year, as it seems those stars in my eyes will not go away!
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Re: August 19, 2014 - Standing in the rain, (Lorian Co., OH)
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Yeeeeeeah but the QUESTION of the night .... Was Mick Jones playing or was "Blondie" filling in or him.... without Mick they are just a glorified Karoke/Tribute band!!!!