Author Topic: Lou and Mick will perform with ***Houseband**** for induction ceromonies....  (Read 2409 times)


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Okay, I didn't see this mentioned on any of the post but any of you DIE hard current Foreigner fans or even Kelly Hanson fans kinda bummed that on the night of the Songwriters Hall of Fame that this one time reunion with Lou and Mick they're going to perform behind a ***houseband***?? Most likely Paul Shafer's band!! lololol I mean, that's gotta stick on some of you fans craw!! I mean, not even any of the original members are playing with Lou and Mick...feel kinda bummed that Lou won't be able to meet his replacement and .... nevermind!!!!

Darn!!! And I was sooo hoping for that cool photo op with Kelly Hanson and Steven Tyler!!!! lolol JUST KIDDING!!

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Well there are going to be others being inducted that night as well, so its probably easier for the overall show to have one house band there to accommodate any of the artists that may perform. Standard kind of setup, really.