Author Topic: Lou & Mick perform IWTKWLI for SHOF -- gave me chills SOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 1686 times)


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Okay, first off despide what you may think about ME this post you WILL NOT hear no negative comments from me!! I just saw a live perfromance of Lou and Mick performing I Want To Know What Love Is for the SHOF ceromonies and I have to say it gave me chills!! the VERY GOOD CHILLS!! It was truly awesome!!!! I mean, I know this is going to be hard to believe coming from this troller/antikelly hater but hearing Mick and Lou perform it kinda brang back a sense of closure for them. I mean, okay I know Lou and MIck will never team up again as Foreigner and all the best to them, but hearing and seeing them perform esp I Know What Love Is, the first time for 10 yrs. truly made me shut up for once!!! LOU AND MICK ROCK ON!!! YOU'LL ALLWAYS BE FOREIGNER TO ME...

Never did get an answer where Kelly was that night....(zinger!) lol