Author Topic: Excited to see one of Rock's Legendary Icon's @ Missouri State Fair!!  (Read 2148 times)


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Hey Guys! I've grown up with my parents blaring your tunes for years until it became my very heartbeat! & now I'm blarin ya to my lady who grew up on mostly punk & top 40! And now she's added you to her playlist! lol So when Missouri State Fair slated Foreigner & Starship in their 2013 Entertainment lineup, It was NO question who was buying tickets as far front row as we could get on the very first day they went onsale. Yep, we did!! But my only question is, I would love the opportunity to Meet & Greet with you guys shaking the hands of the the "Great Ones" who have helped shape the sound & energy of Rock Music & that new artists strive today to achieve!. Including Myself. Also Surprising the crap outta her! lol  So, are there any available passes for the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia? If not, I understand, And we will still be there jammin' our vintage air guitars in your honor! Rock oN Guys!! BryonB