Author Topic: My Wife wants a signed Guitar  (Read 2183 times)


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My Wife wants a signed Guitar
« on: July 29, 2013, 11:07:20 am »
Guys, Ever since my wife and I went to one of your Concerts last Year, My wife has fallen In love all over again with Foreigner. She listens to your music constantly.  Because of her Enjoyment , we went on the RLCII and have seen You  more times since. After The Rock Legends Cruise , My wife Told me she would love to get a signed Guitar to put In our Home.  ( Had she told me while on the Cruise , I would have Bought her one of the ones you auctioned.)  At the last Concert we saw you, I bought 50 CD's trying to win a guitar,.. but Luck wasn't with me that night.
I love my wife desperately and she beams when ever she hears about you or your music. My biggest wish would be to get  her a signed Guitar for Christmas.

How can I go about getting a signed guitar and Help a charity too?