Author Topic: Foreigner on the ***Chew**** REALLLLY???? Okay okay this what gets my gears goin  (Read 784 times)


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Okay, someone had just facebooked me an article that Foreigner is going to be on the Chew with Kelly Hanson, and they are going to entitle the show "I Want to Know What Lunch Is??" REALLY?? SERIOUSLY?? I mean, okay I know it's all done in fun, have a good time get Foreigner out there to the public, But it's S*** crap like that makes me go "What the Frack!???" lol I mean, it was stupid enough when Mr. Poser Hanson did a video of "Who is Foreigner" doing all those stupid puns last year... no wonder why Mick ended up the hospital (Juuuust kiddding) but now Foreigner whose ONE LONE original member just received a Songwriter of the Year award  and now his band has been down graded to doing cooking shows????? REALLY??? omg!!! LOL !! Sooo sad


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If I ever make it out to OH, I am going to come by your house and treat you to lunch. You are an isolated and lonely fella that hates himself and you need a friend.


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The sad thing is that there are many like him out there.  :(


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Well said, Nick! I'll come with you.


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SoUrgent: lolol Treat me lunch NO THANK you!! And I'm not a lonely person either and despite what you  all think of me and I don't care....I'm a HAPPY person!! I just hate to see how my once great favorite band has gone down the hill. I mean, okay, I could take the Foreigner doing Ice Capades, the NASCAR racing circut (which was really Lou's love!!) even the corny video Kelly did with "Who's Foreigner" ... but seeing them on a cable food network show the Chew??? lololol Oh come on now EVEN you have admit it's stupid!! Reeeally! I mean just a couple weeks ago Mick Jones and Lou Gramm were honored to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame .... and what happens to Foreigner in return .... an appearance on the Chew??? And you Middle ages groupies minions are all for it... you all pple are the SAD ONES not me!!! Lou Gramm would never do something as dumb!!


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Hey Owen,
Have you been chatting with my DVR?  This is the 2nd Foreigner related show that I set to record only to have the stupid thing freak out and freeze up for the day.  Maybe it doesn't like Kelly either.  LOL