Author Topic: Here's my honest opinion on the history of Foreigner  (Read 1869 times)


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Here's my honest opinion on the history of Foreigner
« on: September 08, 2013, 09:47:30 pm »
Huge fan since they started. Lou was and still is amazing . He and Mick wrote most of Foreigner's material. Micks a great song writer and average guitar player. He really is only average .

When Lou was in the band they were on top of the world. Then Mick starts destroying them with greed and selfishness.

Lou says see ya later pal. Then we go throught the Johnny Edwards phase (wtf wss that all about Mick). Now we have Kelly.

Kelly is very talented and seems quite cool. He's better than nothing if Lou Gramm wasn't alive.

Lou had his health scare and now has his voice I'd say near 70% of what it was. We all know Lou doesnt want to tour full time and admits he probably cant.  And truthfully Mick doesnt deserve to have Lou come back.

In my opinion Mick has single handedly destroyed Foreigner. He has dismantled this once great band so many times. Mostly because of his greed and power tripping. We all know that fact.

Ive been to a few Lou concerts over the last year and he is easily better than Kelly at singing Foreigner songs. Not even close. Kelly has a really nice voice but his range isnt anywhere near Lou's now or then.

I know mick has bills to pay but it breaks my heart at all the damage he has done to true Foreigner fans like myself.

I wish my standards werent so high but I just cant accept what Mick has done to my favorite band.

Some say having any Foreigner is better than none. We have the Lou Gramm Band. We dont need Foreigner part 4.