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Fulton Co., OH show
« on: September 07, 2013, 12:22:19 am »
First post, almost a week after the show, but here it is.

I've always been a fan of Foreigner, but never got to see the band live until 4 years ago when they were in my town and I absolutely loved the show. So did my two friends who went with me. Foreigner got two new huge fans that night.

Man, I can't believe it's been 4 years, but they were back in my neck of the woods last Sunday and I had to be there. You know--I could hear the roar of the crowd, I could picture the scene, so I just had to be there! My friends dropped out on me this time. I couldn't cajole the wife into coming. But I had to be there. (Ya know...)

This was an outdoor venue and it was warm, but the guys worked their butts off and the full house crowd loved every note! It's a small town and I'm told the band has played the venue before, so that must be why I sensed something special between the band and this crowd. Unlike 4 years ago when I saw the band at a different venue, this crowd did not know every word of every song from the opener, but there still seemed to be something special there. When Kelly hollered, "OH!," there was an immediate, "IO" in response. So, they may not have known every lyric, but they could definitely spell a little.

Although, as I said, I loved the show I was privileged to see 4 years ago, one thing I liked better about this show was that the band seemed to open up some of the songs a little and do some things that weren't "..exactly like the record." Now, personally, I'm not negative on exactly like the record because when people want to sing along that is a good thing. When you've listened to those songs over and over and know the lyrics, including every little improv, it's a ball to be able to sing along--whether you can sing or not!

Another thing that made this show very special to me was my little piece of real estate for the night. No, I didn't get there early enough to get to have my chin right on the stage, but I was dead center, maybe 40' back. That was as close to the stage as I've ever been at a show like this and it was thrilling!

I was so hoping that they would have added Soul Doctor and Prisoner of Love to the lineup but, alas, not yet. Those are such great, exciting songs and, in my humble opinion, there are a couple that could be dropped to slip those in and it would not hurt the show. But maybe there are some reasons I am not aware of and, of course, that's just my opinion.

When the band came back for their encore they did another 3-4 songs for us and, considering the heat and how hard they worked, that was a very generous thing to do to. Everybody left thrilled.

Thanks so, so much for coming back to NW Ohio guys! Please come back again soon!!
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Re: Fulton Co., OH show
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Thanks for the great review! Really enjoyed reading it.


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Re: Fulton Co., OH show
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Enjoyed your review too.  Aren't they fabulous???  I'm amazed at how they touch fans from all over the country and reel them in like fishermen!