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Beverly Hills Show-Saban Theater
« on: October 10, 2013, 12:43:02 am »
Thursday night show in BH...not sketchy like some of the locales and tats & fringe were at a minimum but the Botox was flowing like champagne on NYE!  Great venue with lots of art deco charm.  Small enough to feel the camaraderie of true fans.  KLOS 95.5 really got the word out because the audience was ready to party and was on fire!  They did not sit during the entire show. Foreigner did what they do best.... give you your money's worth.  Excellent show that had Mick Jones come out during Feels Like the First Time and say a few words regarding his start in show biz. His kids and the man who gave him his start was in the audience, so it was especially touching for him.  Even former drummer Mark Shulman(?) was dancing and supporting the band in the aisle.  Overall fabulous time!