Author Topic: My friendly advise to Mick Jones ...... (okay minions relax!!)  (Read 1549 times)


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My friendly advise to Mick Jones ...... (okay minions relax!!)
« on: January 13, 2014, 07:59:41 pm »
okay so I'm reading all these posts and updating myself on what's going on with this hear minion ridden message board and even I HAVE to admit it's gone CRAZY!!! My props to this newbie poster Foreignerfan1968 seems like he's taken over my torch when I'm not around!!! He speaketh thy truth I beleive!! lol

Anyway, Foreigner fan Minions relax okay!! I'm not gonna blast Foreigner or Kelly Hanson --- I know it's a done deal Kelly is the chosen one from Foreigner has been for like what 9 years now, Lou's not EVER coming back, he's the one that took the high road I believe, and I just LOVE LOVE his bio book Juke Box Hero!!!!! If your'e a die hard Foreigner fan you'd read this book!

With that being said I do wish Mick Jones the best espeically on his health and my advise for him if he wants to hear it from a concern fan or maybe he don't care get that Foreigner Money Cow $$$ rolling Ka-shing!!! It was GREAT to get a memoir or book from Mick on his side of the story of Foreigner with Lou and what all happened. I mean, I'm not gonna lie Lou's book does NOT paint a pretty picture of Mick but he's ***nice*** to Mr . Hanson...I kinda wish for 2014 Mick just take a break, relax, and write his book!!! SERIOUSLY...

But, I know the rest of the ***members*** of his Foreigner need to pay the bills ..... and Kelly would go to his day job as a Steven Tyler Heavy metal Karokee performer...hahahah!! JK Minions relax!!! lolol But all the best to Mick and I do hope he writes that book!!

Foreignerfan1968 dude U ROCK!!!!