Author Topic: Do I have one of Mick's old keyboards? Logon String Melody.  (Read 1702 times)


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I'm a keyboard players and many years ago, circa 1985, I bought something called a Logan String Melody from a add in our local newspaper (Portsmouth Evening News). The young man I purchased the keyboard from told me that he had bought it a couple of years earlier from an elderly couple living in Southsea. When he went to pick the board up he walked into a hallway which had frame gold discs on the walls and when he enquired as to what they were the lovely couple proudly said "That's from our son, Mick. He's a musician in a band called Foreigner". I have no idea weather this is true or not but the guy telling me had no reason or financial gain by telling me the story.

30 years later I still have that keyboard and I'm about to look for a new home for it. I'm trying to find out if this story could be true. I guess the only person who might corroborate it is Mick himself. How can I get my simple question to him? Any help appreciated.

Link to the Logan String Melody write-up on vintage synths....