Author Topic: Concert Review Sydney Australia - January 27 2015  (Read 4191 times)


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Concert Review Sydney Australia - January 27 2015
« on: January 27, 2015, 08:02:39 am »
Hi All I just came back from tonights Foreigner concert in Sydney Australia.. Let me say the band were awesome!!! And yes Mick played for most of the 1hr 45min performance....A full concert review shall be appended to this post in the next 24-48 my ears are still ringing....

Ok I'm still buzzing from last nights concert... I've been a Foreigner fan since I  was 18... I am now a young 50... I last saw Foreigner  in July 2011 in Paris whilst on holiday... After a 9 year absence the Band had a 2 show Australian tour , last night they played at the Enmore theatre  in Sydney  Australia. This is a boutique theatre seating capacity of 2,000. Now for the concert. The set list is largely unchanged from when I last saw them in 2011. Started with Double  Vision and ended with hot blooded. They did 1 encore and played for 1 hr 45 min. They were the main act.  The band was simply brilliant, Mick came on after the 4th song and played  right through. All the hits we know and love were played... No Starrider which was  a letdown... It was a full on energy show and the crowd really got into the music. Kelly apologised twice for taking so long to visit our shores and promised to be back soon... I hope he keeps his word !!
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Re: Concert Review Sydney Australia - January 27 2015
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Thank you for the review! I really enjoyed reading it. Cool to hear the crowd was into it.

OK, so is that the "full concert review," cuz it's been 48 hours and if you wanted to say more it would be OK. ;)