Author Topic: Concert review and more for both Elkhart Indiana and Lima Ohio 3/27-3/28/15  (Read 5526 times)


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Well, as a newbie I will do my best to  give these shows the props they deserve.   We drove from Wisconsin and arrived in  Elkhart, Indiana the day of the show (3/27) we followed the GPS to the hotel and low and behold, we see the Foreigner tour bus in the lot.  After unloading the luggage I headed to the hotel lobby area to the bar to get a beer  and who comes walking into the hotel lobby but Shoeless Bruce Watson.  I pointed at him and said "Mr. Bruce Watson"  he looked at me and ran over and said  "hey, I remember you"  after telling him about our meeting with him and the guys at the meet and greet in Melbourne, Florida 1/14/15 (and subsequent conversation outside of the tour bus the next day) we proceeded having a 10-15 minute conversation at which point in time my wife came down to get a beer and she saw me talking with him.  He was nice enough to let us take some pictures with the two of us (And all I heard all night from my wife was " oh my god Bruce smelled soooooo gooood)".   We ended up getting pictures with all the band members except Michael Bluestein. 
We get to the show early and meet some awesome fans from Elkhart and waited for the show to begin.   After a brief set by the opening act Steve Foresman (he did a good job) who said he felt like "Elton John opening up for Led Zepplin" he was to say the least a bit intimidated.   Foreigner hit the stage with Double vision, Head Games, Cold as Ice (where Kelly made his signature run into the audience around the venue).  Followed by Waiting for a girl, Dirty White Boy (where at least a dozen pair of panties where thrown on the stage).  Then, Say you will, Feels like the First Time and Urgent (Tom's sax solos where nothing short of amazing).  Then it was time for  Michael  to show his musical mastery with an awesome keyboard solo followed immediately by Chris's unbelievable drum solo (the water show with the drum solo looked cool with the lights) and Juke Box Hero.   Encore songs included  Long long way, I want to know and the show ended with Hot blooded.  After getting a guitar pick and set list from Bruce at the end of the show we waited to see if we won the guitar raffle (we didn't) then headed back to our hotel.

On Saturday the 28th we drove from Elkhart,  Indiana to Lima, Ohio.   We drove to our Hotel and to our disbelief we turn into the parking lot and low and behold the bus was there again.   After unpacking my wife decided she was going to walk on the treadmill.  10 minutes later the door of the exercise room opens and guess who walked through the door?? Micheal Bluestein.  Micheal was nice enough to let us get that last picture we needed to get my wife (Kim) with all the band members outside of a meet and greet.  It is a classic picture of them walking on the treadmill.   When the band was heading to the bus, I had to stop and ask Bruce what cologne he was wearing the day before and he told me it was Eau de Toilette ( insert hotel name ).   We both laughed our asses off and more great conversation followed and I told him to continue the energy they showed the night before and we will see them at the show and on the bus they went.  How many other bands out there would take the time to chat with their fans ?  Not many I am sure.   

I will shorten this and say the set list was the same in Lima and the energy was again off the charts.   Kelly ran in the crowd on 3 occasions and Bruce went into the crowd once (never saw that before) only difference between the two nights.   We were lucky to score front row tickets and enjoyed  another  memorable concert by one of the best bands around.  At the end of the concert Bruce came up to shake our hands and said " how was that ?"  I had to tell him the truth and say "it is a weekend we will never forget".  The night was capped off with Chris handing me one of his drum sticks (slivers and all).   

These guys truly made our weekend.   Their music is second to none, their energy and their enjoyment of being in a great band together shows in their enthusiasm they project to their fans.   Their interaction with the crowd adds so much compared to other bands we have seen.  You can tell they truly enjoy what they do, and we truly  enjoy watching and being a part of it .  Keep it going guys !!!  Next stop for us....West Palm Beach. 

Thank you Foreigner!!!!!!!

4nerfans Brad & Kim


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Such a great review! Thanks for sharing your 'weekend to remember' with us!


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Thank you for the great reviews. Sounds like you had a great time and picked up a few nice pieces of memorabilia!


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Thank you for the review Brad and Kim! You certainly put a lot of effort into it and it was a real pleasure to read!

Shoeless Bruce went into the crowd too? That is a first! What song was it? Guitar in hand as well? Haha, that had to be really cool.