Author Topic: Request "Our Song" be played for my husband Mark at DTE Music Theater Aug 11-17  (Read 1909 times)


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Hello Band - My name is Charmaine & my husband is Mark - I don't know if you take requests for a specific song but its "Our Song" Midnight Blue.  We danced our first dance as husband and wife to Midnight Blue.  The lyrics fit our situation so closely.  Mark attended the same high school (Lakeview High School in St Clair Shores, MI) as my sister and me.  He was 16 years old  in my sister Simone's class and I was 18.  My sister was dating him for about 1 week and did not pay much attention to him.  She would leave him in the basement for long stretches.  & I had a  boyfried that did not treat  me that well.  I would go to the basement and keep him company, we eventually started to "make out" .  He wanted to break it off with my sister to date me. I told him "NO NO NO", as long as my sister wanted him, I could not be the reason they break up.  Sister are forever, boyfriends come and go.  He stood my sister up on her 16th birthday (she ended up marring his close friend at the time) .  We never saw him again until...  Fast forward 25 years and in the CVS Drugstore on the corner next to the high school we attended , a familiar voice was calling.  Long story short we have been together over 13 years. We both love Foreigner & Midnight Blue.   It would me the world to me if you could fit in Midnight Blue for Charmaine & Mark, August 11, 2017 at DTE Music Theater- Clarkston Michigan.

Wishing on a star