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« on: July 21, 2017, 08:50:14 am »
Hi, Foreigners!
I've been to live performances of different kind of artists and sometimes there were instability and inflections in their voices.Of course,every artist{singer} - he is a human being, too.For every one of us it's not possible to be every single day 100% in a  good shape.
 I listen to all your live performances you post and I attended to your loud concert an year ago.I've always been astonished of the stability of the power of your voice,Kelly,despite of  constant live concerts.
 This speaks of genuine professionalism,wich is rarely seen.I wish there were more people understanding how high is the cost of that.That's why you,mr.Hansen, have my huge respect.
 Аnd perhaps this persistence is the reason for being on the top for 40 and more years.
 Long lives and longer loves for each and everyone of you,boys! :) :-*