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New Tour Book Submissions
« on: September 03, 2019, 12:42:16 pm »
Has anyone else submitted any pictures or memorabilia for the new Tour Book that the band is creating? Story on main page of site.

I had found that article just before the cutoff and actually had some decent stuff I submitted:
- Pics of 1978 Double Vision tour book.
- Actual letter from Foreigner Fan Club information I had sent off for in 1978. Ended up ordering a Double Vision t-shirt and a belt buckle! (band logo in Mother of Pearl! Ha!)
- Pics from Double Vision guitar book from about  '78 as well. Back when all I had was 1 acoustic guitar (the inventory has grown since then!).
- Pics from 1985 "Agent Provocateur" tour book.
- Pics of band from outdoor show at Toledo Speedway Jam on "4" tour.
- 2 of those pics were later autographed by Lou at a radio station event here in Columbus, OH. Sent those in as you can see the autograph.

Did anyone else submit anything? If so, did you hear anything back yet? I assume they're looking through the submissions to see what will get used. The only response I received was a "Awesome...thanks" reply. So, waiting to hear if any of my items might be used.