Author Topic: Erie, PA Celebrate Erie Days show  (Read 2758 times)


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Erie, PA Celebrate Erie Days show
« on: August 19, 2008, 01:58:14 pm »
Just wanted to say thanks to the band for coming to Erie on Saturday, August 17th.  

The show was amazing.  Kelly sounds JUST like Lou and definitely sang his heart out.  Jason did a great job on the drums (was there any doubt?).  My guitar-playing daughter got one of Jeff's picks (and found one, too) and was very happy about that.  

The best part of the show was Mick, though.  To watch someone who so obviously loves what he does was a treat.  When he just closes his eyes and plays like a demon - none better.

The time did just sail by, and unfortunately was way too short.  Great evening and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

dotyzpa :biggrin: