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"Mick is 1/3rd French"

There are few better companions to explore Paris with than Mick Jones and his son Chris. As our manager affectionately said “Mick is 1/3rd French.” We when arrived in Paris, Mick informed me that he had to take his driving test around the Arc de Triomphe, which some of you may know is a traffice and margining royal rumble. Mick had moved to Paris in his late tends and “survived” as he put it, trying to become a pro musician. He speaks the language fluently and is well versed in Parisian culture. 

During our day off Mick wound us around the lovely streets of the St. Germain pointing out the spot where the Bilboquet once stood. A venue Mick used to frequent for late night jam sessions. “I brought Jimi Hendrix here. We played all night. Chuck Berry, R n’ B covers, old Blues standards.” Oh what it would have been to be a fly on the wall. Or better yet for us fellow musicians, a participant. Next my guides brought me to Les Deux Magots where we were able to luxuriate in croque monsieur’s and afternoon coffee/tea. Wrapping up our final day in Paris we cruised the city shops and watched the French Cup final. It was with a heavy heart and bright smile that we got ready to depart from Europe and head back to the States. We easily could have spent a few more weeks there.


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