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Music Room in London
"Look up at that second window. That was where my music room was. That’s where I wrote I Want To Know What Love Is.” As the car pulled up to the front of Mick Jones’ former home in London, I urged him to jump out and take a photo. I am hoping that can preserve as many of these memories for Mick as I can. I could see the fondness in his eyes as we made a slight detour down memory lane en route to the gig in Shepherd’s Bush. We passed a brick building nearby which Mick informed me was the former residence of Jimmy Page, located just a few blocks from where Mick used to live. Mick had written quite a few hits in his old music room and on a previous discussion I asked him about the verse to I Want To Know.. “How in the world did you come up with that? It’s an interesting structure harmonically.” “Well I was sitting down at my piano I just sort of plucked it out of the air!” 
Whatever magic existed in the air that day seemed to return for our trip to London. Two fabulous shows were capped off with some great weather on our off day. Mick spent some time strolling through Kensington Gardens where Mick was kind enough to share some local history with me. Mick is a bit of a history aficionado. After indulging in some afternoon tea, and shopping, Mick walked us over to Saville Row 
former home to Apple Studios and the site of the infamous rooftop concert by The Beatles. Mick had performed on a session in Apple Studios with George Harrison. As we stood in front of Saville Row, me furiously snapping photos for friends and family, Mick turned and said “There needs to be a plaque commemorating this place and its impact on history!” I agree Mick. I agree.


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