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Urgent Emergency in Dublin

A funny thing happened on the way to the gigÖ.

During a shopping trip on Dublinís infamous Grafton St., Mick had a dental emergency occur. Now I have been to Dublin briefly, but donít have the foggiest notion where you find a dentist. Luckily there was one only a few blocks from where we were standing, (thanks Google!) which was fortunate since Mick had to perform in just a few hours. Dublinís cobble stone streets and boutique shops added ambience to our panicked situation. After being patched up in expert fashion, we got Mick to the show where he went and played a blistering set, unbeknownst to the crowd. Well most of the crowd anyways. Mick gave the dental miracle workers tickets to the show and an acknowledging wave for saving the day.

So far we have been fortunate enough to be received by amazing crowds in Israel, Ireland, England, and Scotland. We are all very lucky to be doing what we love and the Foreigner faithful are the best fans in the world.

We are here and ready to Rock ní Roll. See you at the shows!

From the road-

Tim & Mick.


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