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Soundtrack of Summer: Juice Box Hero & The Next Generation

This Little Juice Box Hero is Olivia! Her mother Melony talks about her amazing night at #TheSoundtrackofSummer Tour:

I did not have a lot of expectations for this show, considering our tickets were in 4th row, in seats 9 & 10, which I presumed to be sandwiched in the middle of the row. I did not expect any opportunity to get to the stage and thought I would have to hold Olivia up all night…which is physically demanding and does not allow me to truly enjoy the show. I was pleasantly surprised with the seating. The first 4 rows curved around and were tapered, so the way it was laid out, it was like being in second row, and just 1 seat in from the isle, right in front of LG [Lawrence Gowan]. The venue had a low stage without a barrier. The people in front us were older and sat through most of the concert. They really liked Olivia and allowed her to dance and sing in front of them. Security did a great job keeping everybody out of the area between front row & stage, so she had free reign of that entire area. After Don Felder finished playing, security walked over to us to provide her with a wrist band - officially giving her front row access. She did not stay in front of LG, she moved down to center stage and played in the entire area. All the guys greeted her with smiles, Tommy got down on one knee and played to her, JY used LG’s keyboard to play peek-a-boo with her. During the “gift giving frenzy”, LG placed a tote bag in her hand.

When Foreigner took the stage, they acknowledged that they recognized her, again greeting her with big smiles & thumbs up. By this time, the crowd was getting rowdy and the security team was having more trouble keeping people back. There was one guy who had been acting like her exclusive security detail – very nice - he told me to go ahead and move to the stage, because they were going to let people move in. Well, with that many people, the safest place for her was on the edge of the stage, so that is where she sat for the 2nd half of the Foreigner show (perched just to the right of Bruce Watson’s mic stand). The band seemed cool that she was sitting there and interacted with her. During one of Jeff Pilson’s visits, he was hovering over her and she reached out and hugged his leg! I was shocked she did something so bold! I thought security would have me remove her. Jeff continued to rock out and let her hug - he was clearly amused and people were cheering. Hilarious! Bruce Watson was very playful with her and tossled her hair. He kept watching her, constantly flashing sweet smiles at her. Kelly came over and shook her hand. At the end of the show after the band did their farewell waves, Bruce came back over came, sat on one of the low risers and chatted with her about being a guitar player when she grows up. He tickled her on her cheek and autographed her photo. Overall, it turned out to be a great night!

Juice Box Hero: Part II
Then, a few weeks later, Melony and Olivia were able to make it out again, this time in Kansas City. Now that Olivia was established friends with Bruce and Jeff, or as she likes to call them, "her buddies", something like this was bound to happen:

Juice Box Hero: Part III
It is a thrill for us to see our music be embraced by the next generation! Feel the music Little Rocker!


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