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The Soundtrack of Summer and Beyond

Foreigner spent this summer thrilling audiences across the country on the Soundtrack of Summer tour alongside fellow rock legends Styx and Don Felder. Weíve be getting weekly updates from the road courtesy of Mick JonesĎ assistant Tim Hare. In this seventh and final installment, Hare talks about running into another rock legend on the plane, and what he and Jones have lined up for the future.

Well, itís been one of the best summers ever. I have traveled all over the U.S., met a bunch of great people and got to work on my tan. As a youngster playing air guitar, my parents always knew I would be involved in music, but we never dreamed it would be something this incredible.

You couldnít make this stuff up, folks. The day after Foreigner end up entering the UCR Hall of Fame in a gruelingly close battle with the Cars, who is sitting on our plane back to New York? Ric Ocasek. He and Mick go way back, and oddly enough his son is a friend of mine. I knew Derek from my high school days in Boston. It was quite funny having all the passengers freak out over Mick and Ric and being able to text my buddy and say, ďIím hanging out with your Dad.Ē Tip of the cap to the Cars from both Mick and I. We are both huge fans and we understood why they made the competition so tough!

After the L.A./Santa Barbara shows, Mick and I returned to N.Y.C. to prepare for some exciting projects coming up. I canít tell you too much about them, but I think everyone who loves Foreigner will be very happy. I have been hard at work setting up Mickís home recording rig. Weíve also been rehearsing some Foreigner í4′ songs for the upcoming shows at the Borgata in Atlantic City. This has been a treat for me. Mick will show me riffs, and in a couple of cases, I learned the songs ahead of time and showed Mick a couple of his old riffs!

Summer is waning, which means that itís time for the English Premier League to start. It feels like a lifetime ago that Mick and I were driving through Scotland listening to games on the radio. For those of you who donít know, Mick is a big Liverpool supporter and I am a loyal to Everton, their arch-rivals. I started watching Everton when I lived in England way back in 2006. Mick is a longtime fan of Liverpool (also Portsmouth), and is friendly with team manager Brendan Rogers. Even though we are not fond of each otherís teams, watching football (soccer) was something that bonded us closely when we first started working together. Heís been playing more attention to Everton now that I am around. I think heís secretly starting to support them, even though heíll never admit it! There is bound to be a lot of trash talk between the two of us when the teams meet this year. We will both be sporting our jerseys all year long. I should make a bet that the loser has to wear the winnerís jersey. What do you think? Come on you Blues!

I want to thank everyone for reading this summer and for voting Foreigner into the UCR HOF. Itís been a real pleasure sharing my stories with everyone. I have to shake my head sometimes that this is my life, but writing it all down is a great way to memorialize what Iíve seen.

What we are listening to this week: ĎWe Are the Championsí by Queen. I donít think I have to explain this one.

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