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Radio Time Again

Program directors across the country have in hand a copy of the new single “When It Comes To Love” and Monday August 10 is the date set for its radio debut.  Foreigner fans did such a wonderful job of promoting air play of last year’s “Too Late” that it made the Top 30 Airplay Chart on August 15, 2008.  Can you make this happen again for the new song?

Here is the list of stations that were mailed the single sorted by U.S. region. Your phone requests to the stations to play the song will help immensely in making this another success. We will report results as they come in.


Central Plains Region   Pacific Region
Station City State   Station City State
KLTI-FM Des Moines IA   KSNE-FM Las Vegas NV
KGGO-FM Urbandale IA    KNEV-FM Reno NV
KRBB-FM Wichita KS   KRNO-FM Reno NV
KCFX-FM Mission KS    KXPT-FM Las Vegas NV 
KTHR-FM Wichita KS    KESZ-FM Phoenix AZ
KCKC-FM Kansas City MO   KMXZ-FM Tucson AZ
KGBX-FM Springfield MO   KMXZ-FM Tucson AZ
KEZK-FM St Louis MO   KSLX-FM Phoenix AZ 
KGB-FM  Springfield MO    KLPX-FM Tucson AZ 
KIHT-FM St Louis MO    KHYT-FM Tucson AZ 
KSRZ Omaha NE    KGFM-FM Bakersfield CA
KKCD-FM Omaha NE    KSMJ-FM Bakersfield CA
KQBW-FM Omaha NE    KOST-FM Burbank CA
        KSOF-FM Fresno CA
Great Lakes Region   All Access Malibu CA
        KJSN-FM Modesto CA
Station City State   KWAV-FM Monterey CA
WCFS-FM Chicago IL   KEZN-FM Palm Desert CA
WLIT-FM Chicago IL   KYMX-FM Sacramento CA
WSWT-FM Peoria IL   KYXY-FM San Diego CA
WGFB-FM Rockford IL   KOIT-FM San Francisco CA
WDRV-FM Chicago IL    KBAY-FM San Jose CA
WIKY-FM Evansville IN   KSBL-FM Santa Barbara CA
WYXB-FM Indianapolis IN   KJOY-FM Stockton CA
WNSN-FM South Bend IN   KVMX-FM Bakersfield CA 
WJJK-FM Indianapolis IN    KJFX-FM Fresno CA 
WFBQ-FM Indianapolis IN    KLOS Los Angeles CA 
WAOR-FM Mishawaka IN    KSEG-FM Sacramento CA 
WCRZ-FM Burton MI   KKSF-FM San Francisco CA 
WNIC-FM Farmington Hills MI   KUFX-FM San Jose CA 
WMGC-FM Ferndale MI   VH1 Santa Monica CA 
WLHT-FM Grand Rapids MI   KVRV-FM Santa Rosa CA 
WOOD-FM Grand Rapids MI   KIXA-FM Victorville CA 
WQLR-FM Kalamazoo MI   KRTR-FM Honolulu HI
WFMK-FM Lansing MI   KSSK-FM Honolulu HI
WCSX-FM Detroit  MI    KUMU-FM Honolulu HI
WLAV-FM Grand Rapids MI    KPOI-FM Honolulu HI 
WBFX-FM Grand Rapids MI         
WHZZ Lansing MI    Rocky Mountain Region
WMMQ-FM Lansing MI         
Jacobs Media Southfield MI    Station City State
WGVX-FM Minneapolis MN   Dial Global Centennial CO
WLTE-FM Minneapolis MN   KOSI-FM Denver CO
KQRS-FM Minneapolis MN    KTRR-FM Windsor CO
WRRM-FM Cincinnati OH   KKFM-FM Colorado Springs CO 
WDOK-FM Cleveland OH   KRFX-FM Denver CO 
WSNY-FM Columbus OH   KQMT-FM Denver CO 
WLQT-FM Dayton OH   KMGA-FM Albuquerque NM
WRVF-FM Toledo OH   KIOT-FM Albuquerque NM 
Clearchannel Cincinnati OH    KBEE-FM Salt Lake City UT
WNCX-FM Cleveland OH    KBZN-FM Salt Lake City UT
WLVQ-FM Columbus OH    KOSY-FM Salt Lake City UT
WOFX-FM Concinnati OH    KSFI-FM Salt Lake City UT
WTUE-FM Dayton OH    KRSP-FM Salt Lake City UT 
WMMX DAYTON  OH         
WMXY YOUNGSTOWN  OH    Southeast Region
WMGN-FM Madison WI   Station City State
WLDB-FM Menomonee Falls WI   WMJJ-FM Birmingham AL
WQLH Green Bay WI    WOOF-FM Dothan AL
WQBW-FM Greenfield WI    WRSA-FM Huntsville AL
WIBA-FM Madison WI    WMXC-FM Mobile AL
WKLH-FM Milwaukee WI    WMXS-FM Montgomery AL
        WZRR-FM Birmingham AL 
Mid Atlantic Region   WKTK-FM Gainesville FL
        WFLC-FM Hollywood FL
Station City State   WMGF-FM Maitland FL
WJBR-FM Wilmington DE   WLRQ-FM Melbourne FL
WLIF-FM Baltimore MD   WLYF-FM Miami FL
WAFY-FM Frederick MD   WMEZ-FM Pace FL
WASH-FM Rockville MD   WWRM-FM St Petersburg FL
WTGB-FM Silver Spring MD   WHLG-FM Stuart FL
WZBA-FM Hunt Valley MD    WEAT-FM West Palm Beach FL
WOBM-FM Bayville NJ   WOLL-FM West Palm Beach FL
WFPG-FM Northfield NJ   WARO-FM Ft Myers FL 
WMGQ-FM Somerset NJ   WBGG-FM Miramar FL 
FMQB Cherry Hill NJ    WNDD-FM Ocala FL 
WLNP-FM Avoca PA   WHTQ-FM Orlando FL 
WBEB-FM Bala Cynwyd PA   WXGL-FM Tampa FL 
WMGK-FM Bala Cynwyd PA   WKGR-FM West Palm Beach FL 
WLEV-FM Bethlehem PA   WSB-FM  Atlanta GA
WXKC-FM Erie PA   Cumulus Atlanta GA
WLTJ-FM Pittsburgh PA   WGSY-FM Columbus GA
WSHH-FM Pittsburgh PA   WSRV-FM Atlanta  GA 
WMGS-FM Wilkes-Barre PA   WQBZ-FM Macon GA 
WARM-FM York PA   WVEZ-FM Louisville KY
WEZX-FM Scranton PA    WQMF-FM Louisville KY 
WTVR-FM Richmond VA   WMJY-FM Biloxi MS
WSLQ-FM Roanoke VA   WJKK-FM Ridgeland MS
WVBW-FM Virginia Beach VA   WSTZ-FM Jackson MS 
WWDE-FM Virginia Beach VA   WKQC-FM Charlotte NC
WAFX-FM Chesapeake VA    WLYT-FM Charlotte NC

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