Bradley Central High School Students Rock Out with Foreigner

Some Bradley Central High School students win an incredible opportunity to jam out, in concert, with a legendary rock band!

Two of the school's music programs, "Rock Band" and "Vocal Motion," joined forces to prepare for one unforgettable evening at Chattanooga's Tivoli Theatre, winning a big spot to perform on the big stage with multi-platinum classic rock band Foreigner.

BCHS Broadcasting instructor Gwen Shroyer says he was listening to a local radio station recently when he heard an unusual promotion.

Mr. Shroyer says, "The request was made for high school choirs in the area, choral programs, that were interested to compete by entering a video."

It just so happened, last year, his "Rock Band" class produced, sang, and edited a video rendition of one of Foreigner's many hits, "Jukebox Hero."

"So, I entered it into the contest, and wouldn't you know it, we won!" Mr. Shroyer exclaimed.

Tuesday night his "Rock Band" class, and seniors with the school's show choir, Vocal Motion, will stand on-stage and belt out the band's number-one hit, "I Wanna Know What Love Is."

"I mean, how often are you going to have a band that's coming to the area wanting to have a choir perform with it and you've already produced something like that?"

Student Zayn Bunch agrees, the experience has been surreal.

Bunch says, "Every day they (fellow students) come in here and they just start practicing. They're getting themselves ready, spending an hour-and-a-half a day just preparing their vocals."

The idea behind the video contest is to raise money for public school music programs, like those at Bradley Central High.

Although the show is sold-out the entire performance will be recorded for a live album you can access via a concert streaming app called Stereocast.

By Sarah Jennings Original Article
News Channel 9 Chattanooga, TN