Ocean Springs Upper Elementary Performs with Foreigner in Biloxi

It was Eric Funches' last day at Ocean Springs Upper Elementary School as Choir Director. He had a surprise in store for his students. The class all gathered one last time as he proudly announced to them that they had won the Sun Herald Sing with Foreigner Contest, coming in "overwhelmingly" with the most votes! Funches said the announcement came at a perfect time for his class. "Today is my last day at the school, and the students have been pretty sad about it," he said. "But this has made them very happy, and they are so excited to have this opportunity." He said he will be directing the class when they perform at Hard Rock Live. They are one of the youngest choirs to perform with Foreigner in our Tour Choir Program.

It was all cheers and high-fives in the music room once the announcement was made.

A few weeks later, the big day had arrived. The choir performs "I Want To  Know What Love Is" with Foreigner at the Hard Rock Hotel in Biloxi, MI. Foreigner will also be presenting the school with $500 for its music program.

We were so touched by this story that we presented Eric Funches  with a small gift. 

It was a big night for everyone, the students, their parents, Eric Funches, and Jeff Clark from the Sun Herald. Eric wrote us after the show with this thank you note: 

Just wanted to say thanks to you, John, and Kelly, Jeff, and all the guys of the band Foreigner, as well as the host with the Most, Brandon, and all the rest of you who made this happen, not to exclude the nicest news guy ever, Jeff Clark of Sun Herald. You made this a most splendid experience for our young people of Ocean Springs Upper Elementary. Those 6th graders and their parents will indeed remember that all their days as one of the most memorable life moments. I've attached a couple of pics and links sent to me by parents. 
Enjoy your day, and Foreigner, thank you for aligning with the Grammy Foundation to help schools all across the nation. The gift of the signed guitar to me was something I never would have expected, but was a most wonderful cap to the end of what has been a very challenging school year due to health issues. From the depths of my heart, 'Thank You and May Daddy God Bless You For Ever!'