Foreigner Europe Tour 2009 - The Beginning


The band was doing a little sight seeing at the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ and were pleased to see a billboard of the Octyabrsky Foreigner show in the square directly in front of the famous tourist attraction (the cathedral is directly to the left).


During the 'Cold As Ice' jam, Kelly makes his rounds with the audience in St. Petersburg.

The Russia tour was great with awesome fans at all three shows. This was Foreigners' first time in Russia, so the fans were very appreciative, and Mick and Company were happy to be able to play three shows. Here is Mick signing autographs in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Next stop, Germany...


June 15, 2009

After two rocking shows in Rostov-On-Don and Moscow, the band headed off to the final show of the Russian Tour in St. Petersburg. With the day off, the band got to do a little sight seeing. They play tomorrow night, June 16, 2009 at the Octyabrsky.

Kelly, Michael, and Mick in St. Petersburg


June 12, 2009

From Russia with love...


June 9, 2009 

Mick Meets the Other Mick Jones (The Clash)

At long last the two Mick Jones finally meet in Lisbon and swap stories about being mistaken for one another. 

Mick (left) meets Mick Jones (right) of The Clash.



June 9, 2009

After staying the night in Copenhagen, it was a 3 hour drive to Denmark on June 6th for the Esjberg Rock Festival.

After the show, the band drove to Hamburg for their flight to Lisbon the next day. With a couple days off in Lisbon, they were in a good mood.

Gimbel, Tichy, and Bluestein on flight from Hamburg to Lisbon

Somehow, Kelly and Jeff got "first class" seats in the cockpit with a personal birdseye tour of Lisbon from the captain, just in time for the landing! Ahh, the life of a rock star! Check out the video:

Here's Brian and Jeff right before taking stage in Lisbon. Still in a good mood.


June 5, 2009

Foreigner kicked off the 2009 European Summer Tour at the Sweden Rock Festival on Friday, June 5. Beginning with this tour, Foreigner is trying to find ways to share moments from the road with fans everywhere. Here is the first glimpse. Check out Foreigner performing "Hot Blooded" at the show: