Foreigner on 'Fox & Friends'


The band all met at 5:30 AM on the morning of their performance on Fox & Friends. Set to play in the plaza of the Fox News Building on the Avenue of the Americas, the band had to rehearse while the sun was rising.

Foreigner Rehearsing for Fox & Friends


Being a three hour show, Fox & Friends had the band play short versions of some of their classic hits promoting their performance later in the show. Here is a clip of the band passing the time by talking with the gathering crowd and morning commuters and improvising a little "New York City" jam while waiting for their cue to play "Urgent."


October 13, 2009

Foreigner was up bright and early this morning to promote the new album on the nationally televised morning show "Fox & Friends." Back in New York, here's the live performance of 'Can't Slow Down,' in case you missed it!















Here's the 'The After Show Show' performance of 'Feels Like the First Time'