Radio & TV Performances in Dayton, OH!


Kelly Hansen and Jeff Pilson had a busy day in the Dayton, OH area yesterday. With a show at the Hobart Arena in neighboring Troy, OH scheduled for that evening, they were able to make a couple stops to help promote the show and the new album.

First they visited the MIX 107.7 studios with Jeff & Kristi along with Jeff Bucher to perform a mini concert for MIX listeners. Here is an interview with Jeff Bucher from Bucher's Beat page.



To see more from "Breakfast With Foreigner," check out the MIX 107.7 website here for photos and clips from the performance and interview!

Next it was off to the WDTN 2 news studio with Marsha Bonhart. There they performed another 12-string acoustic performance, this time playing Double Vision along with When It Comes To Love! Enjoy!