PBS presents Foreigner: Live In Chicago!

Watch the concert special of Foreigner performing in Chicago at the historic Chicago-area Arcada Theatre on your local PBS station! Filmed in March 2011, the show will also be included on DVD in the newest Foreigner collection, "Feels Like the First Time", coming out September 13th and available exclusively at Walmart and Walmart.com. The broadcast and the DVD both have exclusive performances unique to each. More dates to follow! The schedule is below*:

Station City St. Day Airdate Time
KVIE Sacramento CA Thu 8/12 11:00 PM
WLRN Miami FL Thu 8/10 10:30 PM
WPBA Atlanta GA Wed 8/11 9:30 PM
WEIU Champaign IL Thu 9/24 8:30 PM
LPB Baton Rouge/ Shreveport/ Monroe/ Lafayette/ Lake Chrls LA Sat 8/13 11:30 PM
Maryland PTV Owings Mills MD Sun 8/10 11:00 PM
Detroit PTV  Detroit MI Wed 9/24 TBC
Michigan PBS Flint/Detroit MI Thu 9/10 9:00 PM
WLIW New York NY Thu 9/24 11:00 PM
Western Reserve Public Media Akron/Cleveland OH Sat 8/16 8:00 PM
WQED & WQEX Pittsburgh PA Sun 8/13 10:30 PM
Wed 8/14 2:30 AM
Thu 8/17 10:30 PM
Sat 8/18 3:30 AM
SCETV Greenville SC Sun 8/20 10:00 PM
Vermont PTV Burlington VT Thu 8/13 1:00 AM

*Schedule is subject to change