One of rock’s most legendary acts, Foreigner, rocked into the New Year with a number of their iconic hits chosen for top film, primetime television and commercial sync usage. Hits like “Hot Blooded,” “Cold as Ice” and “Juke Box Hero" have driven Foreigner’s modern-day renaissance, solidifying their status as one of the most popular acts in the world. Billboard recently released its “Greatest of All Time” lists which featured Foreigner in all categories, and with ten multi-platinum albums and sixteen Top 30 hits, Foreigner continues to attract fans from all generations with more than 3 million Facebook followers.

For Google Play's new TV and digital gaming ad titled “Chill Your Heart Out," they turned to Foreigner’s hit “Cold as Ice” to set the soundtrack for this major holiday outreach. The ad premiered on The Today Show to more than six million viewers, and the YouTube version has almost 4 million plays. Also debuting on The Today Show was CarMax’s new commercial titled “The Bright Side of Car Buying” which was set to the tune of “Hot Blooded.”

Foreigner has also made a major splash on primetime and late night television. In November 2015, Emmy-award winning actress Allison Janney dueted with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show for a theatrical interpretation of iconic hit, “Hot Blooded,” as she promoted the new season of her CBS show, Mom. With "Juke Box Hero” recently featured on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show as the chosen tune for a lip-synch battle against actor Paul Rudd, this is the second time Foreigner’s music has been prominently featured on network late night television in recent months. Primetime's biggest TV shows also featured some of Foreigner’s greatest hits. In an October 2015 episode of NBC’s The Voice, contestant Keith Semple performed “I Want to Know What Love Is,” and on the same night, ABC’s premiere episode of Wicked City included the aptly titled “Feels Like The First Time,” which was watched by more than 3 million viewers. Runaway Netflix hit Orange Is The New Black even featured “I Want To Know What Love Is,” as a theme in their season finale.

On the film front, DreamWorks new animated film, Kung Fu Panda 3, starring Angelina Jolie, will include Jack Black's title track “Nunchuck Princess” set to the tune of “Juke Box Hero” for the the film’s soundtrack. A premiere of this rendition was released exclusively on People.com.

These are just some of the ways Foreigner continues to rock the charts as the result of music usage in TV, digital and film. A formidable musical arsenal that continues to propel sold-out tours and album sales, now exceeding 75 million, Foreigner’s music has also been featured in films like Rock of Ages, Anchorman 2, Magic Mike and Pitch Perfect, and video games like “Grand Theft Auto V.” The high visibility of Foreigner’s songs continues to introduce the band’s music to a whole future generation of fans