Disruptive New Music Platform StereoCast Launch Kicks Off With Foreigner's Acoustic Tour on 2/11!

Disruptive New Music Platform StereoCast Launches Just in Time to Change the World of Live Music as We Know It

Launch Kicks Off With Legendary Rock Group Foreigner

New App Will Debut with Help from Charles Koppelman and Zach Bair on February 11

(New York, NY) -- Jaunary 26, 2016 -- Today marks a pivotal moment in the music industry: the launch of StereoCast, a new music platform backed by music industry legend and business mogul Charles Koppelman, new media and digital music innovator Zach Bair. The inaugural StereoCast kickoff will take place on February 11th, 2016 when iconic rock group Foreigner play The Theatre at Westbury, NY, with several other acoustic performances to follow. The free StereoCast app will now bring concerts directly to consumers by making live performances available for download to their devices during or immediately after the show.  Fans will now have the ability to re-experience their favorite concert moments for a lifetime.  The concert will no longer be a memory but a digital souvenir. Don’t leave for home without it! 

Available through iTunes and Google Play, StereoCast offers a seamless connection between concert-goers, their favorite live performers, and the venues they attend. StereoCast champions for both artists and venues, creating a brand new revenue stream through downloads in a space that never existed before. The StereoCast technology allows fans to buy the live songs they just fell in love with at a concert, in pristine fully mixed and mastered quality, and take that unique moment home on their smartphones to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Fans will be able to purchase as little as one song or the entire show for variously priced packages. The music will be available to download to the StereoCast library immediately upon exiting the venue. StereoCast will work with various artists whom they will partner with to create unique and one-time only experiences in order to make the technology that much sweeter.  Surprise artists will appear at shows to perform duets that fans would never expect. Moments like this are what true music fans will want to hold on to forever. They can forever replay a rendition that will never again be heard following that show. 
Legendary producer Charles Koppelman is once again making noise in the industry serving as Chairman of the Board for StereoCast and is joined by new media expert Zach Bair, who was recently signed as the company’s president. Bair brings with him 12 years of experience as a renowned new media technology expert and is widely regarded as the pioneer in the space of recording events and releasing high quality content to fans immediately after the show.  As CEO of DiscLive, he commercialized the concept in 2004 with the first "comeback" tour of the Pixies.  He has produced recordings for artists such as Peter Frampton, Slash, Bad Company, REO Speedwagon, and many more, and recorded shows around the world.  

"I'm super excited to be a part of this amazing team. Delivering high quality content instantly to mobile devices has long been on my radar, and the opportunity to work with a true industry legend like Charles is quite humbling,” shared Bair. “More importantly, this is a company with other people who truly believe in the space, and who believe that the "live" environment of music is the next revolution of the industry.  StereoCast is poised to be on the forefront of this paradigm shift and is creating partnerships that will further push the envelope."

"We are pleased to be partnering with StereoCast on this new initiative,” says Foreigner founding member Mick Jones. “As we move into the digital age, we are always looking for new ways to make our music available in the most innovative manner. To walk away from our concerts with an immediate download of the once-in-a-lifetime moments meets that criteria. Furthermore, the ability to provide funds from StereoCast downloads to our high school choir partners music programs and to The GRAMMY Foundation’s music in schools initiatives furthers a cause close to our hearts.”  

Phil Carson, longtime manager of Foreigner and former London-based chief executive of Atlantic Records said, "'Hot Blooded,' 'Juke Box Hero' and 'I Want To Know What Love Is' have recently been featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Netflix series Orange Is The New Black.  This exposure of our songs is bringing a whole new generation of fans to our shows.  This is an audience that wants their music now, and our partnership with StereoCast will deliver them the next innovation in live music.  Beginning with our unplugged shows in February, fans can have the songs they just experienced immediately delivered to their mobile devices.  Foreigner is excited to be a part of this compelling program.  We will use it to continue our initiative toward encouraging music education in our nation's high schools by donating all of the profits from these live recording sales to the GRAMMY Foundation and to local high schools."

Fans will be able to globally purchase these shows and Foreigner will be donating all profits to The GRAMMY Foundation, which helps provide funding for high school music programs.  For a  complete list of all other shows, please visit the Stereocast schedule available through the app or visit foreigneronline.com. Foreigner will also be offering a free download of a live recording of one of their most epic tracks “Feels Like The First Time” to those who download the StereoCast app in celebration of this new partnership. 

“The experience StereoCast offers fans is so incredibly special, that it will fundamentally change the way our world will engage with live music and will open endless doors of opportunity within the modern music space,” says Bair.   “This disruptive technology will essentially fuse the gap between live music and the technology world we all seem to be drowning in, and I'm stoked to be working with Foreigner, one of my favorite bands of all time.”

About StereoCast
StereoCast is a first-of-its-kind, live-music purchase platform that provides music lovers with an exciting and innovative way to experience the live music events they attend, artists with a new way to make real money from their music, and venue owners with a meaningful source of revenue from events they hold. With the free StereoCast app, a fan can buy the live songs they have just heard at a concert, in fully mixed and mastered quality, and take that unique magical moment home to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Music fans can take the “show to-go” with the invention of the first ever “digital souvenir.” For additional information please see http://stereocast.com/